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How To Join AIM Global South Africa On Pioneering Stage!

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how to join aim global south africa

Pioneering AIM Global In South Africa

AIM Global or Alliance in Motion Global is really serious about making a massive expansion in many countries by opening 2-3 branches per year. In Africa, the company is making a massive sale, membership, and fast expansion. In this post, I am going to discuss how to join AIM Global South Africa as one of the pioneers. If you are from this country and you wish to know more details about how to become a distributor, you came to the right post.

If you came to this website because of your research on how to join the business, you are on the right page. The potential income is up to R6,720 per day or per week through our marketing plan.

AIM Global USD Presentation


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What does AIM Global offer?

AIM Global South Africa offers time and financial freedom provided that you will do the right system that this business has. The proven system that already turned 8,000+ people worldwide into extraordinary millionaires. This number of people is increasing every day as the company expands to many countries. A massive expansion by opening 2-3 countries per year. If you are in Congo and you will join AIM Global today, what would be your life like in the span of 2-5 years from now? I know that your life will never be the same again if you will not stop working for your goals and dreams in life. AIM Global is the right vehicle to take you to success!

How to join AIM Global South Africa?

AIM Global office branch in South Africa is not yet open but it was already announced AIM Global’s Visionary President & CEO Doc  Ed Cabantog. You may come back to this post for updates soon. To become a distributor of AIM Global if you are in South Africa, you will just need a sponsor or a person who will assist you. If someone has already invited you to join AIM Global, please contact them now.

AIM Global Package south africa

Step 1

To become a member of South Africa, you just need to buy the Global Package for membership. Kindly see this package below. The business capital is ZAR 2,980 and we will ship to you your package from AIM Global Head Quarter to South Africa. After you paid, we will verify the payment receipt. After the payment has been verified you will be registered online.

You can buy multiple accounts. Getting more accounts means more potential income.
Here’s the option below you can choose from.

✅ 1 GLOBAL PACKAGE = R 2,980 – Has a potential income of up to R6720 per day.

✅ 3 GLOBAL PACKAGE = R 8,940 –  Has the potential income of up to  R20,000 per day.

✅ 7 GLOBAL PACKAGE = R 20,860 (BEST SELLER) Has the potential income up to  R47,000 per week or per day.

Note that the potential income is based on the maximum pairing in a day per account. Getting more accounts means multiplying your potential income into how many accounts you’ve purchased.  I do recommend that you purchase the best which is the 7 accounts because it offers 7 times potential income compared to just a single account.


Bank Details For Payment

Pay directly via FNB bank.
Account name: Alliance In Motion Global (Incorporated)
Account #: 62736957400


Sample Bank Receipt from FNB

This payment sample is an actual payment receipt made by a member of AIM Global. When you pay via FNB bank, you will have the same receipt that you need to capture or take a photo of it then send for verification.

south africa receiptreceipt 2

Details Needed For Your Account Registration

Contact #:___________

After you sent the teller receipt to your sponsor, you will need to wait for 24 to 48 hours of payment verification. After your payment has been verified, you should have your account login to your account. We call it AIM Global Webpage or DTC. We will also provide you free training and support.

Contact Details After Payment

Being on the right team is the key together with the right mentor. I am coach Robinson Ortega, an assisting coach in AIM Global and the owner of this website is very willing to help you grow in the business. My website generates hundreds of leads every month that I could refer to every leader I create per country. If you are willing to be on my team, contact me using the details below.

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Why join As Soon As Now?

While the AIM Global branch is not yet open in South Africa, it is to your advantage to start as prior to the official opening because you can get have the biggest group in the fresh Market of South Africa. Imagine that you have the biggest group. You could become the top earner for AIM Global South Africa.

What are the benefits of Joining AIM Global?

Becoming a member of AIM Global will enable you to receive the following benefits. Upon joining AIM Global, in your package, you will receive the following benefits.

Note: Every country has different package combos as well as the benefits. These benefits that I will be mentioning are the benefits of joining AIM Global Philippines.

Product Package

Upon joining, you will be receiving a product combination. Every country has its own product packages so you may refer to your sponsor for the updated package. The worth of the product you will get is the worth of your capital. For example, if you will joining with 3 accounts, that’s PHP21,000 and the worth of products you will get in return is from PHP21,000 up to PHP25,000 depending on your package of choice.

Lifetime Discount On Product Reorders

After you are successfully registered online to AIM Global DTC or daily tracking center, you will see there your ID number and that confirms that you are a registered member and will be entitled a 25% lifetime discount on products when you reorder. Some people join because they just want to have a discount or enjoy retailing, which a good benefit instead of buying the SRP price, as a member, you will buy it as a Distributor price.


AIM Global has insurance for members. It is accident insurance. A member who might be caught by an accident and die, the immediate family member will receive PHP200,000. There is also PHP50,000 for unprovoked murder and assault, PHP10,000 Burial Assistance, and 10,000 Medical Reimbursement.

Scholarship Certificate

It’s a Transferable scholarship certificate. AIM Global has more than 500 tie-up schools in which you can choose from, where you would like to use the transferable scholarship certificate. You can give it to anyone but not for sale.

Cardio Pulse

It is a simple, non-invasive, painless screening device that measures pulse waveform for 3 minutes to reveal early warning signs of cardiovascular disease and peripheral vascular disease. A service provided by AIM Global free for members and letting members earn more by referring more people who would like to avail the service to know their health condition. There is a free certificate for new members.

Free Training And Support

From Monday to Sunday, AIM Global head office in Ortigas has free training conducted for members and non-members. A non-member can attend the OPP or the Opportunity Plan presentation of the business. For members is the NDO or the New Distributors Orientation and the ASAP is Alliance Success Achievement Program to teach members the skills needed for success in business. If you are from another country and there is an office, you may refer to the official schedules of training.

Business Kit

It includes product brochures, application forms, and paper bags. There are also leaflets in it that can be helpful for you to promote the business.


For your income encashment, you can process BDO or Chinatrust. If you already have an existing BDO Savings Account, you don’t need to process anymore for a new cash card, you can go to the customer service to process the linking of your AIM Global account to your bank account. You can also get your income as a cheque. If you are in another country, you need to connect to the office or contact your sponsor on how you can encash your money.

Major Ways To Earn

AIM Global runs a hybrid marketing plan. Not just product movements but also will enable you to earn more on the growing network through the binary.  You can earn through Retailing, Sponsoring bonus, Matching Bonus, Unilevel, Stairstep, Profit Sharing, and more!

Do this to Succeed in AIM Global South Africa

Train with the right mentor

You have to keep in communication with the person who assisted you to join. Keep in mind that you need knowledge for you to get to the success point.

Do network By Heart

You have to build a big organization for you to have a substantial income. The key to having the time and financial freedom is you have a big team. Help more people under your organization to get their dreams and automatically you will get yours.

Contact Person for AIM Global South Africa

Whatsapp/Viber/Wechat » +639991789842
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FB – Robinson Ortega

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Faqs about AIM Global South Africa:

How long will I receive the package?

It depends on your location. If you are near our office, pick up the package. If it will be delivered, it may take up to 2 weeks. Depending also on the person assisting you.

Will I pay for the shipping?

If you get at least three accounts, you can have free shipping.

Do you provide free training?

Yes, we do. AIM Global has branches in 25 countries where you can train and learn the business. If there is no office yet, you can be trained by your mentor.

What is the guarantee that I will become successful in AIM Global South Africa?

Over 10 thousand people from different countries have already made it succeed in AIM Global. So, if you are asking for the system if it’s proven, for sure it is but you also have to ask yourself if are you willing to do what successful people are willing to do. If you will follow what we will teach you, for sure that you can succeed here. All it takes is courage and fuel it with your dreams.

How do I get My income?

We will link your AIM Global account online to your FNB bank. When you have the income to your account, you just need to encash it and if the account is already linked, you will see it in your account. You can encash weekly if you have income in your account.

Is AIM Global A scam?

No. AIM Global is a legit business been operating for more than 14 years as of 2020 and has successfully opened more than 30 physical offices in many countries. A scam company could never last for more than 10 years and won’t have their physical offices.