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A Journey Through Life and Ideas

Alliance In Motion (AIM) Global is an international company that is present in 25 countries having physical offices in many cities. The countries include the Philippines, Pakistan, Brunei, Singapore, Togo, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Papua New Guinea (PNG), Solomon Islands, Abu Dhabi, Japan, Hongkong, Hawaii, Dubai, Kuwait, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zambia, South Africa, and soon opening in France, Spain, and Italy.

The company is into the distribution of health and wellness products categorized in food supplements, healthy beverages, personal care, and beauty products.

This innovative company has successfully expanded globally and reached countries through its online division called the AIM WORLD.

Introducing Empowered Consumerism

There is a recent campaign in AIM Global head office in the Philippines called the Empowered Consumerism or EC. Don’t be confused if you will hear about Empowered Consumerism because it is a campaign of Alliance in Motion Global.

empowered consumerism logo


Dr. Eduardo Cabantog

Doc Ed, the “Visionary President” is a graduate of Medicine from Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. He is a medical doctor turned entrepreneur. Prior to network marketing, he served as a company physician/ operations manager of a well-known medical health provider and continued his medical practice in several reputable hospitals in the Philippines. He became engaged in the networking business, joined several networking companies, and was highly successful before instituting Alliance In Motion Global Inc. in 2005. His remarkable achievements in the MLM business and as a survivor of difficult challenges molded him into the outstanding leader that he is today.

Mr. John Asperin

John Raymond Asperin or also know as “Mr. Excitement” was a graduating student when he started to venture into the networking business because of his being adventurous and a young adult full of ambition and determination. He never lets a single opportunity slip away from his hands. He also believes that the future depends on the decisions we make today because life is not a matter of “chance”, but it is a matter of “choice”. He is known as “Mr. Excitement” because of his jolly spirit and inventiveness in promoting the company and its products. His creativity and effective ideas are the characteristics that make him unique in many ways. Mr. Asperin is indeed an achiever in the networking business and he travels around the country to share his history of success to better equip our distributors in pursuing their networking career.

Engr. Francis Miguel

A Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering graduate of Adamson University. He was hired by the leading telecommunications company in the Philippines right after graduating from college. He earned respect in the industry after creating millionaires that have become icons in the world of multi-level marketing business. He is one of the pioneer networkers that has mentored some of the famous personalities in the industry. He is fondly called the “Mentor of all Mentors”. He has made an alliance with all these icons and together they established a fast-growing networking company in the Philippines today, the Alliance In Motion Global, Inc.





AIM Global Products

AIM Global products are categorized as Food Supplements, healthy beverages, Personal Care, and Beauty Products. The most popular product of AIM Global is called the  C24/7. It’s been manufactured in the USA by the Natures Way. The company is also in partnership with Weider, DSM, and AMS Life Science Asia.

Why AIM Global Has Amazing Products?

  • Food Supplements are very essential nowadays especially that illnesses are very common and the most affected people are those who have a weak immune system. Food supplements help supply the nutrients in our body and boost the immune system. If you have a strong immune system, you are much stronger to resist sickness.
  • AIM Global products are USFDA, BFAD, Halal, and Kosher approved especially the C24/7. It is a high-quality product made by a multi-billion dollar company in the USA. You can be sure that the product is made at its finest.
  • For 14 years, the product is proven to create testimonies from different countries and different races. Specifically, the C24/7 has already created thousands of testimonies you can even find on Youtube.
  • Proven, safe, and effective


How To Join AIM Global?

Joining as an official distributor or AIM Global will be your ticket to your journey to success. The process of joining per country has almost the same but the package product combos differ from each other.

Step 1

You should have a sponsor. A sponsor means a person who will assist you join AIM Global. If there is someone who has already explain to you about joining, you can contact them after reading this.

NOTE: if no one has invited you yet, use these details below.

Whatsapp/Viber/Wechat» +639991789842
Email »
FB – Robinson Ortega

Step 2

Choose your Global Package. Each country that has an official office has its own package. You may check with your sponsor about the Global packages option. The package includes the products, a free business kit, brochures, and a registration form.

Step 3

Buy your membership package. No one can become a member without buying the membership package. There is no free registration. In the Philippines, the registration package is only as low as 6,980 pesos. If you are joining from another country and buying from the Philippines, you must be paying for the shipping too.

Step 4

The registration. For you to become an official member, you will be encoded online. Your sponsor will be needing to ask for your details like the name and birthday so that you can be registered. Once you have your login to the DTC, that means you are already a member. In your, DTC will show your ID number, your income, transactions, encashments, etc.

How to buy AIM Global Package?

Per country has the procedure to follow. If you are near to the office, you can just go with your sponsor and buy your package. If you are far from the office, contact your sponsor. You can ask them to assist you. They will be needing to ship to you the package.

You can purchase directly to AIM Global EC Shop Online » Go to EC Shop Online

AIM Global also has bank accounts where you can pay and send the teller receipt from the bank to your sponsor. Your payment will be verified 1-3 business days and from there, you will be registered.

Whatsapp/Viber/Wechat » +639991789842
Email »
FB – Robinson Ortega

What are the benefits of joining AIM Global?

Joining AIM Global is a very good choice if you looking for an international business that is trusted and stable. The benefit of joining AIM Global will depend on the countries where you are joining. For example, if you are joining from the Philippines, you have the following benefits right after you have been registered online to AIM Global system called the DTC. 

Benefits of joining: 

  1. Scholarship certificate –  This transferrable where you will be given a transferrable scholarship certificate which you can give to anyone that you would like to send to school. AIM Global has more than 400 schools tie-up nationwide that can offer 25 up to 100% discount on tuition fees. It depends on the school. You may check the list after joining.
  2. Insurance – It’s accident insurance. A family member beneficiary can claim up to 200,000 thousand pesos if a member will be caught in an accident.
  3. Online Account –  You will be registered online called DTC or distributor tracking center where you can monitor your AIM Global business 24/7 online.
  4. ATM – You will be given a chance to connect your existing BDO account to your AIM Global account for your encashment. You can also encash and claim it as a cheque.
  5. Lifetime Discount – As a member, you will be given a 25% lifetime discount on all products.
  6. Free Training – In over 25 countries, AIM Global offers free training to members where you can attend Monday to Sunday, depending on the schedule per country.
  7. Cardio Pulse Certificate – It is a free test to measure your stress level.
  8. Free Products And Business Kit – Upon Joining, you will be given your package. That includes products, business kits, leaflets, registration forms, and other marketing materials like flyers.

Frequently asked questions FAQs

What is the purpose of AIM Global?
AIM Global is a business that distributes health and wellness products operating with physical offices in 25 countries as of 2019. It has the purpose to create successful people and share awareness towards a healthy life.

Is Alliance in Motion Global genuine?
Yes. AIM Global has been in the business for more than a decade and with physical offices in 25 countries.

Can I succeed in AIM Global?
Yes, you can, it is possible. It is already proven to thousands of people who registered with the company. The business is your vehicle to your success. An opportunity that can get you to your dreams but still the one who has the biggest role for your success is yourself. If you will take action to get your dream, then nothing is impossible. The company provides full support and a set of training so there must have no reason not to succeed if you will follow the system.

Is AIM Global legit?
Yes. The company has been in the industry for 13 years as of 2019 and have successfully established offices in 25 countries. AIM is also partnered with multi-billion dollar companies to manufacture its product.

Who is the owner of AIM Global?
There are three owners of AIM Global, the company is a Filipino owned company.
 Doc Ed Cabantog –  Doctor by profession been in the business for more than 15 years.
John Asperin – A physical therapist by profession. Also been in the business for more than 15 years.
Francis Miguel –  Late Francis Miguel has been in the business for more than 20 years.

How do I register? To register AIM Global you just need to purchase the Global Package then you will be registered online by your sponsor.

You can purchase directly online on this link » Go to EC Online Shop

What are the benefits of joining?
As a member, you will have free products, scholarship certificates, insurance, lifetime discounts, ATM, Online Account, Major Ways to earn, and more.

What is the requirement to join?
To become a distributor of AIM Global, one must purchase the membership package and be fully registered online to the DTC or the Distributor Tracking Center. Once you are fully registered online, you will access your account online anytime anywhere.

What kind of business is AIM Global?
AIM Global is into MLM business or Networking business.

Is there a start-up capital to join?
Surely there is. I didn’t see any business that will offer you to get your dreams for free.

Am I required to maintain sales every month?
You are not required to maintain sales to receive your commission in the binary system on your first three months but when you reached Silver Executive, you are required with Personal Monthly Achievement or called the maintenance points of .3334