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How To Create A Website ( Step by Step Guide )

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How to create a website step by step guide


Yes! You can make your own website in less than 30 minutes!
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Before I start throwing of information on how to create a website step by step, why do you need a website? I must ask this question for you to know your purpose of reading this tutorial all through the end. Anyway, this will be easy for you even if you don’t have web designing experience.

Note: If you started and get lost on every step, feel free to comment here or e-mail us ( Our support team will help.

When I’d started my own website, my purpose was only to market my product through blogging but I found it more helpful even in generating leads for the business. Now, blogging turned into a passion that I love to do.

This is a simple tutorial on how to make a website in a simple way with no coding required.

Update:  If You don’t have a credit card, You can Use PayMaya if you are from the Philippines to pay the Domain and Hosting – It’s a Virtual Card either MasterCard or VISA directly on your phone. Read it here ⇒ Shop Online Using Paymaya From the Philippines  Easy. It’s very easy to use.

Creating a website needs credit card information in purchasing a domain name and hosting. If you are from the Philippines and don’t have a credit card yet, you can apply for a BPI prepaid card. It works very well as a credit card.

I will not claim that I am a website professional designer but the purpose of me making this tutorial is to help newbies in online marketing to create their own website for whatever purpose it may be used for.

I will make this tutorial based on how I did my websites on my own instead of paying thousands of dollars to a website designer to create a website for me. Another thing why I started my own website is that I can customize it the way I want.

Before you tell yourself that you can’t create your own, let me tell you that I don’t have either any background in web making. Making a website nowadays is not as complicated as many years ago. There are ready-made templates and designs that you can use that doesn’t need any coding skill. You can literally create a website in less than 30 minutes.

There are two things needed to create a website that you need to understand its importance and use.

Domain Name

– It is the address of your website. It serves as your website identity. It is the address that people will type into the browser URL address bar to visit your website. Ex.
For your domain name, I will recommend Namecheap where you can buy your domain name. You can skip buying a domain names because when you purchase your web hosting service it comes with a free domain name.

Web Hosting

– It is the place where you store your website information where it can be accessed. It is the simplest meaning that I can give for you to easily understand it. If you want further details, make a Google search. I recommended Bluehost because of its good service and lowest rate starting $3.95 per month and 1 thing I like about Bluehost is that it has a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are a starter this is a good deal, right? Just Go to Bluehost, click get started now, and choose your plan.  Select Basic Plan that is only 3.95 per month and a good start. You can upgrade anytime to the most popular and pro plan.

Create a Website free guide

After selecting the Basic plan, here we come to registering your free domain name that comes with your hosting plan. Type your selected domain name on a new domain and click next. If you have an existing domain name purchased from another website, you can put it on I have a domain name field.

 Create a website step by step guide free domain name

If you want the free domain name and it’s available you can continue to the filling out of your Account Information.

Create a website step by step bluehost

Next is the Package Information. You can select to have an additional Package or uncheck all boxes or just check the most recommended package like the “Whois” – It is the protection of your personal details when someone searches the owner of the website. If you will add it to your package, your info will be secure. Then proceed to the Billing Information. Once you’re done with your credit card information click next then the purchase will become successful.

Create a website billing information of bluehost

So now, let us proceed with the installation of WordPress on your newly purchased domain and web hosting. Login to your Bluehost Control Panel and it should look like this screenshot below. Under website builders, find and click ” Install WordPress“.

 Create a website step by step wordpress installation

Just proceed to the installation and wait until the installation is successful and don’t forget to click “View Credentials” where you can see your login to the WordPress admin panel. The “Admin URL” is the link where you will log in to create your website. Your admin URL looks like this example => Your username and password will be provided also together with the Admin URL so make sure to take note of it and after logging in changing your password into a simpler one that is easier for you to remember that only you know about it.  You can also see premium themes offered after installation but never mind it because you can use the free one and get a premium theme later.

Once you are logged in, your Admin Dashboard looks like this screenshot below. I have installed plugins already but it looks very similar to this.

 Create a website step by step guide Dashboard

What we are going to do next is to install important plug-ins that will help you create a website in an easy way and also I personally use on this website. Hover your mouse pointer to Plugins =>Add New. If you have a download plug-in somewhere and want to upload it on your website click Upload Plugin. Anyway, what we are going to do is search for the important plug-ins.
Type these plugins one by one on the search, install, and activate each.

 Create a website step by step guide plugins

  • Beaver Builder Plugin (Lite Version) – Very helpful in creating a website that will enable you to drag and drop content in creating a page. I used this plugin to create my static homepage.
  • Shareaholic – Used in sharing your content to social media.
  • Contact Form 7 –  We will use this to create a contact form.
  • Facebook Comments Plugin – We will use the Facebook commenting plugin to avoid spam.
  • Yoast SEO – This will help your website rank in google search engine for your website ranking on your niche.
  • Black Studio TinyMCE Widget – We will use the visual editor for ease in editing.
  • Page Builder by SiteOrigin – Another Page/post Builder.

I will not discuss each plugin’s purpose and how to use it because it will take this tutorial very long so I will give it as your homework to google each Plugin and search how to use it.

Let’s install a theme. Go to Appearance  => Themes => Add New =>Type on the search ” Spacious”. After searching for the theme, it should appear first on the search result. Go ahead, install and activate. Mine is already installed. I use Spacious theme because it enables me to create an image slide.

Create a website step by step guide Theme

I will use my Homepage as the model in creating a static homepage. Let us create a Slider Images that will appear on the homepage. Go to Appearance => Customize. Find Slider at the very bottom of the menu. First, create images that you want to appear on the slider. Image dimension is 1270cm. X 450cm. 1270 in width and 450 in height. Depending on how many images you want, upload each to the slider image menu. It has 5 slots for images. mine has 3 images. You can also link each image to a link where you want it to go when someone clicks it. See the slider on my homepage for the reference sample.

After creating a slider, let us now begin creating your static homepage. We will create important pages.
Go to Pages =>Add New. Name it as Homepage then Publish. Click again Add new => Name it Blog then publish. After saving the page we just created, go to Appearance=>Customize=> select Static FrontPage.
We will now set the Static Homepage and the page for the blog post. Follow the setting on the screenshot below. Select Static page => Select HOME as the front page and then Blog as the posting page then Save & Publish.

 Create a website step by step guide static homepage

We can now lively edit your website using the page builder that we downloaded earlier. Type to the address bar the URL of your website and then go. I will use my website to give you an example. You must see the page builder option like on the screenshot below. Click the Page Builder.
Create a website page builder

You can now enjoy the drag and drop to add content on your website. If you want more help, feel free to email our team ( so we can help you or even help you create your website. What do you think about this tutorial? Feel free to comment below.

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