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Why AIM Global: (NDO) New Distributors Orientation For International

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Why AIM Global

We are going to talk about Why AIM Global of the NDO (New Distributors Orientation). To become successful in this business, you must learn why you will do AIM Global and what this business has to offer.

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Why Do this Business? Why Network Marketing or MLM?

  1. Leverage – This is a very important technique to wealth. Multiplying your time and effort through others. In the Networking business, you will need to build a team or a group of people wherein you can get paid for the work done by your group. If you have 1,000 thousand people in your right and the left sales group and each of them are giving 5 hours a day to the business, you will have 5,000 working hours in a day because their efforts are counted as your effort too.
    Each person has 24 hours a day and that will be consumed to sleep, eat, work, bonding with the family, watching TV, etc. Many are working even more than 8 hours a day. If you are the only person working, and you are not leveraged, you are getting limited income too.
    I would rather earn 1% off 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts.” John D. once said. This means that if you are working on your own effort to get paid $100 and you got sick, all the $100 will be lost and you will not get paid for it because you have no effort exerted. But, if 100 people are working including you to get paid with $100 and you got sick, you will still have $99 because 99 people are still working that are giving you $1 each.
  2. Offers passive income – Because of the leverage concept in this business, achieving passive income is made possible. You can get paid even you are not exerting effort. The passive income will be achieved once you already built a team or your group and there is an effort to exert to do that. When I was still working in a call center company, it was “No Work, No Pay”. What I loved in this business is you don’t have to work all the rest of your life. The effort you will exert is worth it to its reward which is the passive income.
  3. Low start-up cost – Basically, the concept of the traditional business is “BIG Business capital to get BIG profits too”. But in this business, you can start even with small business capital and yet the potential income is really high enough to give someone the time and financial freedom. No other business that I know where you can earn up to 640 USD per day with a minimum capital of just 260 USD in a single account. Let me stress out this again, the big potential income will happen if you will take the business seriously. The start is the hardest part but as time goes on, it becomes easy as you exert lesser effort while the income is growing. 
  4. International Business – This business is working globally. The use of the internet is even making it easy to market the business worldwide. Unlike when you started a small business in your community, the market will be limited to the area that reaches your business place unless you take it online. But, I cannot think of any other business where you can go globally with just a small or minimum capital. Doing this business, I already have business partners in Dubai, Kuwait, Taiwan, Hongkong, Papua New Guinea, Nigeria, Ghana, Malaysia, Brunie, and more. I’ve built my business in other countries without having to be there personally.
  5. Time Freedom And Financial Success – Money is easy to earn in many ways. But when you want time and financial freedom together, that may be hard if you are in the “No Work, No Pay” or also called active income. When you stop working, the income also stops because what you are actually selling is your time and effort to the company where you are employed and they pay for that. Nothing is bad in that system. I was once also employed and I am so thankful for the many things I’ve learned. In this business, you will be investing time and effort too. Your income will start very small, but as your group grows, your income also grows until the money comes just very easily as you also have plenty of time to enjoy it.
  6. Free Training And Support – There is a saying in network marketing circles that says “You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.” This is very true because your upline will be committed to guiding you. Your success will also be part of your upline’s success. Networking business is a business of people helping people do business and if you want to build an empire, help your people become successful both the left and right group.
    The company also provides free training to its distributor so even if you have zero knowledge about Network Marketing or MLM business, you will learn the right skills and knowledge needed without having to lose your capital. In traditional business, there is a very high risk of losing the money you’ve invested when you do not have enough knowledge to run it.
  7. Personal Development – Many successful distributors now had started from a very ordinary personality that was afraid to talk in front of many people. I am one of the people who have personal development because of this business. You don’t have to enroll in a public speaking course to learn to stand in front of a crowd. You can learn it here as you grow.

Why AIM Global? 

Why stick to AIM Global? What does this company offer?

  1. Topnotch Marketing Plan – AIM Global has a hybrid marketing plan. You will not only earn through the binary program but also through the group sales commission and direct selling or retailing. There are 6 major ways to earn which are Direct Selling, Sponsoring, Matching, Unilevel, Stairstep, and Royalty Income. 
  2. Quality products – AIM Global partnered with the multi-million dollar company which is Nature’s Way that manufactures the C24/7, the Flagship product of AIM Global. The other partners of AIM Global are Wieder, DSM, and AMS Life Science Co. Ltd. The reason why AIM Global can do the massive expansion in many countries is because of its quality products.
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  3. Experienced and Trustworthy Owners – AIM Global owners are networkers from their previous network marketing companies but not just network marketers, they are also top earners. Their combined experiences and expertise is making AIM Global soar high. They know what distributors need and where the company is going. Unlike the other company owners that you can only see in a small picture posted on the green board in their office, AIM Global owners are close to people. You can hug them, ask for pieces of advice, or even bonding with them.
  4. Global Expansion – It is really a blessing that AIM Global is reaching out the world. AIM Global is making a massive expansion in many countries to bring hope and touch many people’s lives. AIM Global has already established offices in Dubai, Philippines, Taiwan, Brunei, Kuwait, Hawaii, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Tanzania, and more coming soon!
  5. ALIVE Foundation – AIM Global has the heart to give back to people. The foundation name of AIM Global is called the ALIVE (Always Live In Victory Everyday) foundation. Not only in the Philippines, AIM Global ALIVE foundation was already brought in other countries like in Nigeria when the company has done an outreach program to the poor school children and helped built classrooms.
  6. Scholarship program – AIM Global is giving a Transferable Scholarship Certificate in every package that is up to 100% discount on tuition fees. This is a big saving or a discount to many distributors who would like to study or help someone for their study.
  7. Innovation – The company knows how to adapt to the changing world. AIM Global has launched AIM World, which is the online division of AIM Global. The company has brought AIM opportunity available in 200 countries because of AIM World.
  8. Daily Payout – I do not know any other company as of now that do daily payout like AIM Global. Now that AIM Global turns 11 years, no daily payout delay in paying distributors especially who are in the Philippines. 

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