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AIM World Product Testimony – Iprotect Personal Experience

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This is a personal testimony of – Lian P Galang posted on Facebook.


-Lian P Galang

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Ok, so let us begin with her iProtect Testimony.

Background about myself, I am a Filipino working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the past 16 years as an Occupational Therapist. Yes, I am an OFW. I work hands-on with the patient, ages 0 and above, male and female, both in-patient (Wards) and out-patient clinics. Throughout these years, I am a regular patient myself to the doctor’s clinic with complaints of the following symptoms: congestion, either in the nasal sinuses or lungs, runny nose, cough, sore throat, body aches, and fatigue. Diagnosis: upper respiratory symptoms. Medications prescribed then sick leave, which I don’t enjoy much. Why? I don’t drink prescribed medications. I can’t get sleep or rest because my mind would still be at work. It reflects my poor performance as an employee and to my colleagues who will end up seeing my scheduled patients. Have yearly sick-leave entitlement or worst salary deduction. No work, no pay. And sadly, I am left alone to care for my sickly body. But not anymore…eureka! Iprotect came.

Week 1 (June 8-14, 2016): Temperature outside: range 33-44 degree Celcius/ 20-23 degree Celcius inside hospital. I had the flu during the Ramadan holiday. Mers – Coronavirus and lots of airborne virus will be up in the air; people from different regions of the country and around the globe will come to Jeddah. Afraid of getting infected? Yes, of course. Pray for protection, do universal hand hygiene and precaution, and lastly start wearing Iprotect. Wearing jacket, cold inside the hospital.

Week 2 (June 15-21, 2016) Notable changes: symptoms decreased. Seldom cough or sneeze. What happened? Usually, 2-3 weeks to recuperate. I concluded, I protect must have killed the germ in me first! Ha!. Take note. No medications. Regular normal diet. Often lack of sleep. Still wears a jacket at least 4x this week. Still, on alert on Mers – coronavirus for a number of cases was reported.

Week 3 (June 22 – 28, 2016). The stress level is very high. Added patients to see; some staffs are already off sick. No more jacket. People started to notice what they call “bling-bling”. Others tried to open out of curiosity. Which I prevented, and just say “ it has the power” then leave. On fast now 6 am-6 pm. No signs or symptoms. Getting ready for my Philippine vacation. Middle eastern virus still up.

Week 4 (June 29 – July 5, 2016). Saudi temperature: very hot; not humid. Philippine temperature: cloudy with occasional rain. Weather changes especially going back to Manila; usually, I am sick, feverish, cough and flu; body aches. Now to signs and symptoms. Even able to attend Aim training, went home late and up by 5. Own mother surprised, she knew me fully well to get sick when I came home.

Week 5: (July 6 – July 12, 2016). For one week of vacation, schedules are fully booked. Errands to do. Packages to deliver. Meet high school friends. Not used to bring an umbrella; sometimes got rained on too. Mother was worried. Bought fruits and veggies. Asked me to take multivitamins. I said no.
Lose 3 kilos in Manila, with all the walking and staying up late. The difference is I sweat a lot. Back in the kingdom, still healthy and strong. I was preoccupied with my children back to school.

Week 6 to 8 (July 13 –Aug. 8, 2016) In the hospital, still continually wearing Iprotect. For those who are really interested to know about the pendant, I explained medically. They smiled taught I was weird.
Made a visit on my last week to the clinic. Nurses who knew me remarked, “ long time no see”. See I was a regular, no flu or upper respiratory tract infection this time ( and hopefully not). Just here to make a referral for blood works. My reason to do yet another experiment on one of AIM global products.

In conclusion, people may see me as weird; or remark “ Nah. I don’t believe you it’s all in the mind” or its just had a placebo effect. Whatever they nay-sayers say, I reap all the benefits. Wearing Iprotect, first, my chances of getting infected with airborne viruses and bacteria have reduced. No more sick leaves. Second, I am more confident in seeing patients as the fear of getting infected decreases. Third, being well and healthy normal chores and duties can be done. Fourth, I’ll be a credible endorser of the product; share what I’ve experienced with people who are pro living a healthy sick free-life. Lastly, I can market the product as another source of income, while being employed.

Thank you to the founders and AIM Global / AIM World Family
God bless you all

– Lian P Galang
Occupational Therapist II
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Saudi Commission for Health Specialties

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