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Shop Online Using Paymaya From the Philippines – Easy!

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Shop Online Using Paymaya virtual card Philippines

Do you want to buy something online but you have no credit card? Worry no more because shopping online has never been this easy using the Paymaya, a virtual card that you can load up with cash. You can also apply for their Paymaya Prepaid Card.

Online Using Paymaya From the Philippines

From Paymaya website

This works like a credit card but the difference is you need to load up first before you can use.

It is actually an application that you can download for free to your android phone or iPhone though they also have the actual card that you can link to the App and monitor the transactions.

Download the App for Free:

Depending on your mobile network, you can now get either a virtual prepaid Visa or MasterCard once you register on the PayMaya app. This is based on the new feature posted on their website. You can visit their site here.

I have no commission or whatsoever in posting about this App but I want to share the use of this App to many Filipinos who can’t shop online because they don’t have a credit card. A few years ago, that was also my problem how to buy the favorite training material online because I have no credit card that time.

What I love about this App is you can easily load up in the nearby 7-Eleven and we know that this convenience store is everywhere. You can also use Paymaya to verify Paypal account which has been a problem for many Freelance workers and many people needing a payment online.

Banko Sentral PaymayaPayMaya is regulated by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas to ensure all your transactions are secure and this is according to Paymaya website.

Another feature that I like about Paymaya is that you can transfer your money from Paypal to Paymaya and sometimes they offer an 80% off on withdrawal fees. It’s a problem of many having their income or money stuck in their Paypal account so this App a big help.

It’s very easy to acquire this by following these steps.

Download » Register the App Using Phone Number » Load Up » Use!

Then monitor the transaction on your phone. You will also receive a text message about every transaction which will give you convenience in monitoring the usage.

I wish I can show you the actual App installed but it doesn’t let me capture the screen of my phone. I know they made it for protection too.

Feel free to comment or post your questions below.

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