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Ways To Make Money Online – Working Tips and Guide 2017

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Make Money Online 2017 working tips

For many people, to make money online will need you to be a talented person and must know skills like web designing but for few people who have discovered the real income-generating online activities, money-making online is already just a piece of cake. But of course, it will fall into a false hope if I will say that making money on this thing called “the internet” will not require your hard work. The fact is, prior to the success, every successful people on the web of money-making had been into difficulties too.

make-money-online-screenshotThis sweet keyword “Make Money Online” has an average of 100k to 1M searches every month. Have you wondered how many people are wanting to make income on the internet? A lot of them.

If you love playing games online, staying 24/7 on social media like Facebook, surfing the web, watching or uploading videos, do you know that you can make money on these things you love to do online?

Or maybe you are already tired of working for someone else and thinking of something you can do online and start making money on it.

I guess you’ve already made some research before you found this post and it is confusing right? To all of the money-making ways discussed online, it seems things aren’t just for you because they are hard to do. Well, except the fact that it is really hard but starting to find out what your strengths are and what interests you most, will make it your passion. Would you do well if you are making good money doing your passion? You’ll kick ass on that.

Work from home, it’s a very good idea to make money while you are with your family and making good cash online and I will share most of the working ideas in this post. Sit back and relax.

Here are some of the proven ways that you can make money online today and incoming 2017.

Note: I am doing most of these ways too and worth it for me.

#1. Make Money Online in 2017 by Monetizing A Blog 

make-money-online-2017-monetizing-blogI consider this the number one of my recommendation because it is the easiest way to make money by writing a topic of your interest and publish online. You can partner with any of the monetizing platforms like google and it is called Google Adsense. I personally monetize this website as of this month of December 2016. I may not use it in the future on this blog of mine but every start-up bloggers dream is to get accepted on Google Adsense as the best platform for your website to earn through display ads on monetization.

You can start a blog on WordPress that doesn’t require technical knowledge and besides you can find hundreds of tutorials on the web or Youtube. Some are really easy to follow and honestly, I learned from Youtube that is why I have this blog that I created.

I was also new to blogging and had no web designing or programming knowledge when I started.  I just had the basic knowledge on operating the computer like creating a new folder on the desktop and shutting down the computer at that time. My average typing speed was just 10-14 words per minute so I didn’t think of blogging as my profession a few years ago. But, the moment you started making money on it, you will have the undying passion for exerting more work in creating content.

Here is why you can make money from Adsense – Google has a service called Google Adwords where a business can use this service to make their business appear one google every time people search for a Keyword. It is actually labeled as sponsored ads on the top of search results and sometimes at the bottom of the page. Google Adwords is the advertising platform of google where publishers partnering with google make benefits and earn money. I benefit from it too as you can see google ads here. Google also opened the opportunities to website owners to earn revenue by putting the codes on their website where the Ads of the advertisers appear. The advertisers pay for every click on their ads as and on the same way publishers earn money when someone clicks on the ad on their website. Very simple!

Note: Only valid clicks. Clicking your own ads or asking someone to do it will result in removing your account as a partner of google through AdSense.

Start blogging now. If you start today, you can already make money online in 2017. I actually started this blog about the middle of this year and this website is already making money through monetization.

Don’t be afraid to start yours because it is okay to make mistakes, just learn from it and don’t repeat. There are a lot of potentials in blogging to earn money online. Imagine you started a blog today and build your readers then after 2 years you are already receiving 5K visitors per day. That kind of website will surely earn decent cash either monetizing or another way in which I will discuss next.

#2. Make Money Online In Reviewing Products of Sponsors

 Make Money Online Reviewing ProductsThis still falls in the blogging category but I’ve decided to make it separate because this can also be applied to Youtube Videos for video bloggers. Besides, there are many ways to make money on a blog but I will not tackle all those today.

Businesses today are now getting aware of the power of the internet for more exposure of their products online. If you started a blog and receiving good traffic or should I say gained thousands of readers, your website can be chosen by a company that will offer you to share your experience in using a specific product they have. Whether a review or a recommendation post, you can write a sponsored topic and make it in favor of the advertiser. When you are the website owner, you are the publisher just like TV and Radio stations that are getting paid for every advertisement they aired.

Depending on the traffic you have, the advertiser will pay you for the number of potential consumers that will see the product. The bigger traffic your website has, the more money you’ll have. Traffic or the visitors to your website can be big money if you will learn how to build them.

Some of the advertisers also prefer to put banner ads on the publisher’s website hoping to receive clicks from it that will lead to their website and convert as their customers or potential leads.

You can find more sponsors and advertisers when you’re having decent traffic on your pages or you don’t even have to find them because they will find you.

Your niche will also a factor for the advertiser’s offers you ads. If you make a blog about travel, you can potentially have booking hotels and resorts advertisers.

#3. Make Money on Youtube, not just watching videos online with ads

 Make Money on Youtube online 2017If you can notice when watching Youtube videos, most of the time there are skippable ads at the beginning of the video. But why some of them don’t have? It may be for some reason that the uploader is not yet aware of this opportunity to earn money through uploading videos.

Upload videos that you owned only. You might result in a copyright infringement if you just download it somewhere and put on Youtube. It will not be allowed to use someone’s work without authorization so if you use a copyrighted song or material, it can result in the banning of your account and kicked out from monetizing the video on Youtube.

The technique to earn more money is to get more video views in which you need to have good numbers of subscribers and a masterpiece of work.

You can find a lot of people earning a living through Youtube and are very dedicated to creating more videos.

As I mentioned above, you can also make video reviews for a product based on your experience. Advertisers can pay you for that too if they would like your channel.

#4. Make Money Online By Selling Your Own Product

Make Money Online 2017 Selling own products.People hate selling. And I don’t want it too, especially if done the hard way or hard selling. But selling products online and make money, I love it because you can make everything automatic and you don’t have to face your customers face to face.

You can sell on Facebook but don’t go too much excited and start posting tons of your products on your wall. The best way to do it is to build your brand. Create your own Facebook page and grow the likes because they are your followers and potential buyers too.  It also adds up the confidence to your future buyers.

The perfect way to sell a product is through email marketing especially if it is an electronic product like an e-book or something that doesn’t need to be shipped. The moment you started blogging, you have to start capturing emails of people interested in your information and future communication. By building their trust and providing free valuable information to your subscribers, you end up selling to them your masterpiece for a very reasonable price.

Also, set up an online store for your business, and don’t miss the buyers who go to google and search for the item they want to buy. You have to optimize your website for Google and make a product valuable and unique if possible.

Start to sell now and make money online this coming year 2017!

#4. Make Money on the Internet By selling someone’s products and earn commissions – Affiliate Marketing

make-money-online-2017-affiliate-marketingOne thing I like about affiliate marketing is you don’t have to create your own product and start making cash through commissions right away. You can sell by just making a post about the products you want to sell, your experience or review then make a call to action recommendation to make them buy it.

Most email marketers do affiliate marketing selling products from Clickbank or Amazon. When you sign up as an affiliate, you can create a custom link like a tracking link that will take your buyers to the product at the same time tracking the sales for you.

When somebody buys, you earn a commission.

#5. Use an Email to Make Money Online through Email Marketing

make-money-online-email-marketing-2017You need here an email list. I mean for a big list of emails from real people who have given it through a subscription form. Never buy an email list because you are buying crap and your wasting your money.

How do you obtain emails?

Through Email subscription on your blog or running a Facebook ad campaign. By simply giving free helpful information like an ebook, you can ask for an email in exchange. Mostly, you’ll send the free stuff to their email and then they also add up to your email list.

How to sell through email?

First, you have to connect with the email marketing services like Getresponse and Mailchimp that will make everything automated. They have an awesome marketing service at a reasonable price.

Through email marketing, you can sell products, services, or gain more readers to your blog. All these when you’ve done right can bring more opportunities to you and make more money online so you can get the lifestyle you want.

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