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How to Start a Part-time Business While Having Full-time Job

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You have full-time work and you want to start a part-time business? So how is it possible? Read all through this post and I will share with you what business you can start with your full-time job.

Someone will actually think that it’s crazy to start a part-time business while having a full-time job because it’s not quite easy to manage both the responsibilities but for a person who wants to leave the 9-5 working hours and 15-30 salary must remain open-minded and look into the possibility of a business opportunity to start with.

Like what I did a few years ago, I started a part-time business while having my full-time job way back in 2011. At first, my intention was not actually to make it as a source of full-time income but to supplement or back up my salary that was really not enough to sustain my way of living and to help my family.

So how to start a part-time business to get additional income aside from the salary of the full-time job that ain’t enough? And what business to start with that will not complicate the corporate job working hours?

Alright, so here we go.

What I am going to tell you is the business I started when I was still working in the corporate world.

Start a Network Marketing business while you are having a full-time job.

It was so fortunate that I found a Network Marketing business that I started doing with online marketing because now I do the business in the comfort of my homemaking it the source of my income. But make sure that you do your homework ensuring that A Network Marketing company you want to venture with will last long. Here I wrote about the 5 Key Ideas to consider before joining any Network Marketing Companies as your guide.

Network Marketing is the only business I can suggest to you because this business will not require most of your time. You can even do this 2-3 hours of your time after your work was done.

When I started it, it sounds crazy that even when I was making calls, I am chatting with someone on Facebook for the business.

Let’s say your working hours are from 9 am to 5 pm. You will still have time to do Network Marketing business meeting your prospects on one on one presentation or taking people to free business orientation provided by your company. And when you are already home, take your business on social media like Facebook to recruit people.

You shouldn’t jeopardize your full-time job especially if it is your main income source and your networking business is not yet fully grown. You can set and manage your time when you started the business. At first, it’s hard, and I should say it’s really hard, but how badly do you want to change in your life? For how long will you work for someone building their dream. Don’t let them just hire you to build theirs, build yours!

It may take you 1 – 2 years before your part-time business builds momentum but by the time you see your business is taking off, leave your job, and focus on your business. It’s possible. It happened to many people and is so possible for you too.

Don’t spend most of your life in a job that you don’t like, the boss you hate, or a salary that ain’t enough after exerting your best to perform in your work. There is a greener pasture. You just need to be a risk-taker and a learner. Ask for advice from people who already been into the future you want.

Why will you wait for retirement before you can enjoy what you have worked for if you can do something to and enjoy your life while you are young?

Better start now than later. Retire young and reach your dreams!


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