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How to Build Your MLM Business Online Attracting Qualified Prospects

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MLM Business Online

This post will help you find a better way of Attracting qualified prospects and build their interest with your MLM opportunity. Building your MLM business online can be a critical strategy if you don’t know how to set up or make an MLM Blog. Many Network Marketers have successfully built their Network Marketing Business online through the help of Social media sites like  Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Linkedin and also Youtube.

But how does it all work? How to build your MLM business Online?

There are many Internet marketers who are already dominating the Network Marketing online. Getting in front of them can be a challenging one but you don’t have to worry all these because billions of people are using the internet and you just need to do is to become an authority in building value.

Here are the 5 Key Components of a Successful Network Marketing blog or Marketing an MLM Business online.

 ⇒ MLM Business Online Component #1 – Blog 

Blogging is putting an information on the internet. When you blog about your MLM business, make sure that you publish it with value and it is an interesting topic that your readers will love to know about it. Your market is the world. You and I know how powerful the internet is. You are here (on my blog) so you should be convinced more about what I am saying.

A blog is a hub of the world. It is ready to accept people from any part of the world. People will be in your hub if they have something helpful to read in.

Your blog must also have an awesome design that your readers will have the ease of navigation.

I’ve made an easy tutorial how to make a blog or a website. I promise you, making a blog is not complicated if you think it that way. See the WordPress tutorial here⇒How To Create A Website ( Step by Step Guide ).

⇒ MLM Business Online Component #2 –  Blog Content

Your content plays an important role. Hundreds of MLM blog are out there and most of them just sit in the middle of a ghost town. No one seems to visit their site that’s haunted. I hope you know what I mean. Your start must be a massive action to gain a massive start. It can be very hard to put more effort in creating topics but you have to do it if you want a success.

Set a goal to at least publish your first 100 posts within 6 months or 1 year. On my blog, I achieve the first 100 posts before 2017 and I am already averaging 1,000 page views per day that time. You can even achieve it earlier if you put consistency on posting.

⇒ MLM Business OnlineComponent #3 – Social Media Engagement

Never miss putting a social media share buttons on your blog. We know how it is important. This blog is getting 60 percent of traffic from Facebook. Most of my post here are already averaging 400 shares on Facebook alone.

Also, build a brand on Facebook by making a Fan page. This can bring a huge traffic to your site by sharing your new post to your page. Yet don’t always rely on your social media traffic. You have no full control of your account because you don’t own it. Anytime, Facebook can take down your page.

⇒ MLM Business Online Component #4 – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The best traffic that you can receive on your website or blog is the organic traffic from search engines. It is even better than the traffic from Social Medias.

If you are using WordPress on your blog, there are plugins that you can install to help your post more optimized on Search Engines. Install the SEO by Yoast. I personally use this awesome plugin and it helps a lot.

⇒ MLM Business Online Component #5 – Marketing 

Good Marketing Strategy will lead your traffic or visitors to convert into sign-ups, subscription or buying your products. The good news is, if you have built an authority and gained followers, whatever y0u recommend with them, they’ll go with it.


Taking your MLM Business Online is a must. If you want to maximize the full potential of the online marketing, make an MLM Blog. When I started my own blog, I wished I have started earlier. The year that I have known about blogging 3 years ago.

Blogging is a journey, not an overnight solution for you to gain momentum in your MLM or Network Marketing business.

Plant now, and harvest later but for long term!

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