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Advantages of Having A Website For AIMWorld

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Advantages of Having A Website For AIMWorld

When Aim Global launched AIM World , I immediately think of the importance of a website and I told myself that I must have one for me as soon as possible as we know that AIMWorld is an online division of AIM GLOBAL. So today, I will be sharing with you the importance of having a website to market AIMWorld. Though I was not so convinced before that there is a need for a website in Aim Global to build my network because there still needs a manual process like sending of package, processing ID, and sending to the new prospect so one on one communications still matter. But I know for a fact that there are distributors who can get customers and prospects using their website.

What I want to share with you is the importance of a website to market AIMWorld. I am not saying that it is a must or a requirement but you can have an advantage if you have a website for AIMWorld.

When people want to know anything, we simply go to Google, Yahoo, or Bing and make a search. The search engine will then feed you with websites related to your searches. So, if you have a website, there is also a chance that it can be indexed by Google or other search engine and then suggest it to people asking for information related to your content. what I mean is, if you have a website, you can receive organic traffic from search engines and buy from your AIMWorld shop linked from your website.

A quick definition of Organic Traffic

–  It’s the visitors on your website coming from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The websites that appear below the paid ad can receive organic traffic because they have the most relevant and reliable information regarding the search based on Google’s Robot Crawler algorithm so it’s ranked on the first page. Your website must have valuable information related to the topic or to a keyword a person will type on the search box. The paid traffic is being obtained through Google Adwords and it’s not for free, so we want organic traffic. Learn to make better SEO(Search Engine Optimization) on your website to obtain more organic traffic for your keyword. See the image below. For this example, I typed in the search box ” Online Business ” and here are the result.

 Advantages of Having A Website in AIMWorld Organic Traffic

Each AIMWorld distributor has it’s own Unique Tracking Link. I called it that way for my reference.

Advantages Website AIM World

You can see this when you logged into your AIMWorld DTC. Yours looks very similar to this link of mine. When your customer clicks it and order from it, you’ll have commission. And If you can see, there is no explanation on the shop about the business if what it is about that can put more trust for a sale to happen. People today are too smart to buy only if they know if it is valuable and they will benefit from it. Though you can explain it manually before giving your link, you will lose more potential customers due to a lack of details. If you have a website,  you can customize it the way you want and connect the buttons to your shop. At least you direct first your customer to your website where they can see the explanation and convincing power words that will make them decide to click your ” SHOP NOW ” or ” Start NOW” button.

 AIM World Website Shop

If you are really serious about becoming an Online Marketer, you must have a website. Our customers are worldwide and people are smart enough to ask you if you have a website because you are saying that you are an Internet Marketer and you earn online. There is no help for you if you will give the official website of AIMWorld because it has no name and contact of you and when they order it, you lost your prospect and a sale!
As I discuss deep down more about my topic, I hope you can already see the Advantages of Having A Website For AIMWorld. You can drive more package and product sales from visitors to your website. You can create an automatic system that you don’t have to supervise every time. While you are on sleep, there is a sale and that is only possible when you work out on your website to gain more visitors. Imagine how many people are using the internet and simply go online when they want to know about something. So you must focus on your website about making posts solving people’s problems and intelligent suggestions and making sure that AIMWorld Opportunity and AIMWorld Product will fit in.

Is it really possible to receive a sale on a website from unknown people you haven’t talked to? The answer is yes, very possible and it has been working well in some other areas related to AIM World system which is the Affiliate Marketing but this time with AIM World has a great advantage over Affiliate Marketing wherein you earn a commission when you sell someone’s product and that ends there, you need a new sale to earn again, while in AIMWorld, you have your own product and the person availed your product can bring more people in your organization and give you effortless income. It is made possible through AIMWorld’s Stairstep, Unilevel, and binary program in the 6 ways to earn.

When you are already receiving enough traffic or visitors to your website, imagine this number.

1000 visitors per day and there is the possibility that 1% of them will buy. What if more of them? I am not saying that 1000 visitors per day happens in a short period of time. You need hard work.  As a Network Marketer, you know the meaning of it and what it does. That puts speed in your result if you’re dedicated to putting more effort and more action.

There are 2 things you can do after you read about this.

  1. You can ignore and do not take Action – Come back to this website after  1 or 2 years after not taking action and you will say ” I should have started my own website 2 years ago.
  2. Take Action, Start Now – Start from zero and watch your website grow traffic gradually and eventually reap the fruit of your action.

You can start making a website using a free platform like or but that doesn’t give you much value to someone who knows about Online Business because if your Online Business is big-time, why can’t you pay for your website.
If you want to have your own AIMWorld personal website like, email us directly. (

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