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5 Key Ideas To Consider Before Joining in Network Marketing

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Many people are a skeptic in Network Marketing opportunities for the reasons that they confuse it to a Pyramid Scam and remain ignorant to point out the difference between Pyramid Scam and Pyramid Scheme.

( Some other people are already pointing out pyramid scheme into pyramid scam. We have to admit that network marketing business is really structured pyramid like for easy understanding. But you have to understand that every organization is also structured pyramid like :). You are already part of a pyramid in your society even before you know it. )

So, before we talk about the things you need to consider in joining Network Marketing opportunities, let us give the definition and meaning of these two vocabulary words that most people don’t understand.

In my own definition of Pyramid Scam, it’s a type of investment that promises you a skyrocketing income in return of your business investment through recruits in short span of time for doing nothing other than handing over your money. Basically, scam companies have no valuable products and recruit to recruit basis only that is impossible to sustain in the long run so company easily collapse.

In Pyramid Scheme, well there is nothing wrong about the Pyramid structure unless it’s a scam. Really? Yes, and to give you more Pyramid Scheme like structure is to simply look in a corporate world where headed by CEO, down to the President, next are the Middle Management followed by the Team Leaders and the bottom are the Hard Working Employees. Do you think there is something wrong about this? Nothing at all. It was just structured like this to have a smooth operation of the company.

PYRAMID - 5 Key Ideas To Consider Before Joining in Network Marketing

In Network Marketing business, it was structured Pyramid like just for the easy explanation of the business. Imagine if you do it the inverted style pyramid, but do you think it can be explained in that way? Yes, it can, but a lot of patience for your prospects to understand.

Scam companies are very similar to legitimate Network Marketing business because some of them also offer products and services.

Before you join any MLM company, make sure that the business is legitimate by considering these 5 key ideas below before joining in Network Marketing business.

1.) Learn the Company Profile

Who are the owners and are they visible to people. If you can just see the CEO of the company on the poster and has never been in a personal appearance to the company then you can have a second thought of joining them.

Also, consider the history of the owners because if they have no experience being a Networker prior to putting up a company then there is a big risk getting into it. They are probably more into company profit they will surely not understand the interest of the distributors.

Does the company has a global appearance or at least the capacity to put more offices in other countries? Consider the financial stability of the company to make sure it can sustain for many years.

2.) Review Compensation Plan  

Take some time to review the marketing plan to make sure that the company will not go beyond the allowable payout per day. Commissions must not only be paid through recruits but also on products sales. Does the company have a safety net to avoid overpay? Company closes because it cannot sustain the expenses as well as the payout. At least when it has a safety net you are comfortable that the company can last for a very long time.

3.) Know the Products 

Products must have value and not over priced. Its should be quality, highly competitive, consumable for repeat orders and with unique selling proposition. You don’t want similar products available in your local market that has a lower price. Are the products patented and with exclusivity to your company only? If you can see them sold in the department store then think twice. There must have compelling reasons for your customers to buy the product.

4.) Free Training 

Does the company support distributors growth by providing free education for business success? This is the most important part of someone’s success who is entering this kind of industry especially those new blood in  Network Marketing.

Network Marketing leaders should teach success attitudes, people skills, goal setting, overcoming fears, communication skills, leadership, money skills, and the like.

5.) Know the Culture and Marketing System

Seriously? Yes, companies have a different culture that is being passed to every people getting in the company. Can you adapt to it?

Most Network Marketers quit after failing to recruit their family and friends that are referred to the warm market. The company must not be limited to teaching their distributors the old school way. We are now into information technology and because of online market by the use of the internet. It is now fun to recruit and prospect people from social medias. Does your company support this marketing system that teaches how to market online?

Consider this 5 Key Ideas To Consider Before Joining in Network Marketing for your success in the business giving you long term success.

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