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Congratulations AIM Global Being On The Top Direct Selling Compensation Plan 2017

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The voting has just ended at 12 pm Central European Time on the Business for Home website for the Top Direct Selling Compensation Plan 2017 Poll. The Business For Home website has nominated over 850+ top direct selling companies with their compensation plan. Finally, after 28,241 votes, AIM Global still made it be on top.

Hey, AIM Global is not the first” some might say that. Yes, but it’s only the number on the record. And the result was questioned by many of how the other company took a fast advance of up to 3,000 votes in the span of 30 minutes. To many people commenting and made an effort to fair voting can tell who should be in the first spot. I still believe that the business for home management is making an effort to fair voting as they mentioned in one of their posts.

“This is my personal point of view as a distributor who also voted, this does not represent any company.”

I though believe that the Poll is not about the competition. It is about making the MLM, Direct Selling, or the Network Marketing industry better and better. It is about showing the world how this opportunity can change someone’s lives and what this opportunity is playing the role in the world.

AIM Global USD Presentation


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To all AIM Global family, spread this news as we show the world, that AIM Global is a sleeping giant starting to conquer the world by its opportunity that’s changing many people’s lives.

What’s the Importance of the Compensation Plan?

To the new Direct Selling or MLM company, the compensation is a very crucial part whether it is Binary, a Uni-level, a Matrix, a Stair Step Break-a-way, a Pass-up Plan, a Hybrid, or an Instant pay plan. It’s a make or breaks for a start-up company. Both the interests of the company and the distributors must be considered in creating a compensation plan. There is no perfect compensation plan and a perfect Direct Selling company. But, there is a better company which is a pro-distributor one like AIM Global that has the heart of its people.

Just an overview of the compensation plan of AIM Global, it has a Hybrid Marketing where Retailing, Sponsoring, Binary, Uni-level, Stairstep, and other group sales incentive commissions are combined. For the details of the AIM Global Marketing Plan, please follow this link ⇒AIM Global New Marketing Plan Presentation – 12,980 Upgrade

Below are the Top 12 companies that are included in the Top Direct Selling Compensation Plan 2017!

top 12 direct selling compensation plan 2017Taken from

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