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How to Join AIM World Canada

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AIMWorld Canada

AIM World is now open in Canada!

AIM Global is massively opening branches in many countries. In Canada, AIM Global has already created leaders that are doing well in promoting the business. If you are one of those interested individuals asking for details in joining, you will find the answer to this post.  Before anything else, I would like to tell you not to get confused if what is AIM World. AIM Global and AIM World is the same company.

For assistance on how to join AIM Global:

Whatsapp/Viber/Wechat » +639991789842
Email »
FBRobinson Ortega

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Whether you are a beginner or an online marketer, this business can give you a limitless possibility of earning a serious income having a worldwide market. Before We discuss the few steps to join AIM World, I want you to fully understand the business by watching the YouTube videos below that explain the company profile. AIM World is the online division of AIM Global, so don’t be confused by that. AIM World is being backed up by a very established company since 2006 that is already proven in changing people’s lives from ordinary to extraordinary millionaires.


I will keep this post short and simple for you to fully understand the process of joining AIM World Canada. Unlike with the other businesses, AIM World has more convenience to do with these reasons:

  • No need to rent an office –  You can monitor the business 24/7 online.
  • No need to pay for water and electric bill –  Your office is Online.
  • No need to pay for manpower – The company does the accounting, Logistics, Delivery, Inventory, and more things to manage your business.
  • You own your business, it doesn’t own you – You can even do this from the comfort of your home. You will have a lot of time to spend with your family.
  • Potential income of $560 per day per account – Serious income to have time and financial freedom.

Join AIM Global Canada Through EC Shop

This update is new as of 2020. AIM Global made it easy for members to purchase products and package online. For non-members, it is made easy to purchase their package online via credit card or bank deposit. Before purchasing online, make sure to have someone assisting you, and will be giving you their EC Shop to avail discounts. EC Shop (Empowered Consumerism) is a campaign by AIM Global to make it easier for members to do business online. If you would like to buy your package online, follow this link below:

AIM Global EC SHOP « Purchase Package Online

After purchasing, you have to email for the payment confirmation and account registration.

Steps to join AIM World Canada

Step 1

Buy the Registration package worth $268. You have three options, Sapphire, Emerald ( 3 accounts), and Diamond package ( 7 Accounts ). Go to AIM World Shop to buy your Package. Learn the detailed process on how to Buy AIM World Package.

Step 2

After your payment, open your e-mail to check your Registration Code.
Send it to your sponsor to assist you with the registration. If you came here from google and decided to start the AIM World business, we need the details of you to register the account.

REGISTRATION CODE: ( check it on your email after your payment)
First  Name:
Last Name:

Send it to
Viber/Whatsapp: +639991789842 o

After you become a member, free training will be provided that will take you to success!

UPDATE: For the Upgraded Marketing Plan of AIM World or the Ways to Earn, please go here ⇒