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How to Join AIM Global From Saudi Arabia and Become A Distributor

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AIM Global Saudi Arabia is not yet officially open. But lots of Filipinos that work in Saudi Arabia are a member of AIM Global. In fact, there are already successful distributors from KSA are now with their family. Not thinking of leaving the family again to work abroad. AIM Global promises time and financial freedom. And it is possible to many distributors who believed on it and worked for their dreams through AIM Global.

If you are not yet a member of AIM Global, I will be providing the steps how to become part of the business from Saudi Arabia. If you are an OFW, this is for you.

I will provide the help topics for you to read on and answer some of your questions.

AIM Global Business Presentation Video

If you will have an unanswered question after watching the video, feel free to browse more below.


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How to join AIM Global from Saudi Arabia

I mentioned above that AIM Global is not yet officially open in Saudi Arabia. Meaning, there is no established office yet as a company branch but that is not a problem because your package can come from the Philippines. It is most advisable for OFWs to send their package to their family here in the Philippines instead of sending it to KSA. The package price is 12,980 pesos. You just need to buy this Global package to become a member. Please see the image below.

c247 global package

IF you are a local in Saudi Arabia (Saudis), we will ship your package from the Philippines to Saudi Arabia. The package price is 300 US Dollars inclusive of the shipment. Just convert it to your local currency. Kindly see the image below.

AIM Global potential income is BIGTIME. Please refer to the marketing plan of AIM Global.
kindly go to this link ⇒ AIM Global New Marketing Plan Presentation – 12,980 Upgrade

Note: If someone has already explained or invited you to join AIM Global, please contact them now for assistance.

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I can even help you build your business with AIM Global.

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