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How to Join AIM World of AIM Global

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How to Join AIM World of AIM Global

How to Join AIM World of AIM Global

UPDATE: Please go to this link for the most updated Way to Join AIM World

I’ve been receiving messages on how to join the online division of AIM GLOBAL, so I’ve decided to make a post about the Steps on How to Join AIM World. Just a short introduction to AIM World, it is the Online Division of Aim Global. If you came here from google searching for information on how to join AIM World, you are in the right place. I will provide you the steps on how to join with AIM world.

Now let us start. Assuming that you already know about AIM World. The steps that I will be provided here are for those who are not yet a member of AIM Global.

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Step 1

Go to AIM World Shop and buy your registration package. This is a one-time lifetime registration. The potential maximum income per account is $528 per day Which I will be discussing later. You can purchase accounts up to 7 accounts. When you go to AIM World Shop, find this package you will see on the image below and then proceed to check out.
You can also click on the image to order your package.

aim world pack

Here are the steps on how to order on AIM World Shop.

First, find the package. Click Add to Cart.
 Step How to join Aim World 1

There will be a prompt that your order has been added to the cart. Click the Shopping cart to proceed with the order.

 Steps to join Aim World 2

After clicking the Shopping Cart you will see your Order then Check out.
Step how to Join Aim World 3

On the checkout page, there are fields for your personal details that are needed for your account registration and shipping address.

Step to join Aim World 4

Continue after filling out the needed information up to the Order Confirmation.

Table of Contents

Step 2

After your order confirmation, CHECK your e-mail for the registration code then send it to
Your email must include.
Registration code:

Step 3

After you received your access to AIM World Daily Tracking Center, log in to your account. Find your AIM WORLD Shop Link. It looks like the link below then promote it.

aim world shop link

How to Earn in AIM WORLD? Here are the ways you will benefit.

  • You will earn a 25% commission on every product you sell. The order must be processed through your AIM World Shop.

AIM World retailing

  • Earn $25 in every package purchased. It is called Direct Referral Bonus. The people must join you by purchasing their package on your Aim World Shop.

AIM World Direct referral

  • Earn $33 on every Matched Sale.  You are allowed to have up to 16 matches per day per account so your maximum potential income per day is $528 per day.  Earn $33 on every recruit of your recruits as long as there is a matched sale from left and right.

Aim World Marketing Plan

For any assistance email ( or leave your comment below.

Order your  AIM WORLD PACKAGE Now!

 After you receive your AIM WORLD CODE , email it to (
 Your email should include these information because we will register your account to the system.
 Registration code:___
 Date of Birth (example: 01-Jan-1980)__

(Viber/whatsapp)(call/text) +639991789842