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How to join AIM World And Make Money Online

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AIM Global has successfully launched AIM World which is the online division of AIM Global, now making the opportunity available in 200 countries. It helps a lot of online distributors to prospect in some countries with no physical office yet where they can buy AIM Global package. With AIM World, the customer or prospects can buy their registration package online thru credit and another convenience is the company will deliver it door-to-door via FedEx. Imagine building your business in a specific country just online which is possible through this opportunity. So, how can you join AIM World? It could be a question of many people who are not yet a member of AIM Global and I will be sharing the ways.

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There are two ways how to become a part of AIM World.

  1. Must be a member of AIM Global by availing of the NPP Package
  2. Buy your AIMWorld package to become a member.

»If you are an existing member of AIM Global, avail now the NPP package. Log in to your DTC and process it. Consider contacting your upline for assistance if you do not know yet the process read How to Order AIMWorld NPP Package ( New Product Policy ).

»If you are not yet a member of AIM Global and you want to join AIMWorld, here are the easy steps you need to follow.

Step 1

Coordinate with your sponsor. If someone has already invited you to join AIM World, ask for his/her AIMWorld shop link. If none, I will be your sponsor and at your service.

Step 2

Buy your AIM World Package at the AIM World Shop. The package is only $268 and this image below is the one you should buy. Please be guided. You can buy up to 7 accounts.

aim world package join


Note: If you are from the US, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, and NEW ZEALAND, buy the Sapphire, Emerald or the Diamond Package.


Step 3

After you buy the package from the shop, check your email because your registration code will be sent to your email. After you have it, fill out this APPLICATION FORM.

Another way to send your application form. We need this information for the registration.
Your Name:___
Contact #:___
Registration Code:____

Send to any of these details:
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Whatsapp  » +639991789842
Message on messenger » Chat now!

*Your information will be used solely for your account registration. It will not be shared with the public.

UPDATE: For the most updated explanation of AIM World Marketing Plan, please go here ⇒

If you are ready to join AIM World, process your order now by clicking the order link below.


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