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How to Join AIM Global Cameroon To Become a Distributor

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How to Join AIM Global Cameroon

AIM Global Giving Light In Cameroon

The long wait is over when AIM Global Cameroon has finally opened for distributorship. In this post, we will uncover the steps on how to join AIM Global Cameroon and open the doors of opportunity to others. Whether you are a student, employed, or into a business that is looking for another source of income, you are in the right spot, right here, right now!

What does AIM Global have to offer?

AIM Global has already established a reputation in the field of multi-level marketing. This 2020, AIM Global already turned 14 years in the industry. AIM Global offers time and financial freedom provided that you will do the right system that AIM Global has. The proven system that already turned 10,000+ people worldwide into extraordinary millionaires. This number of people is increasing as the company expands to many countries. A massive expansion by opening 2-3 countries per year. If you are in Cameroon and you joined AIM Global today, what would be your life like in the span of 2-5 years from now? I know your life will never be the same again if you will not stop working for your goals and dreams in life. AIM Global is the right vehicle to take you to success!

AIM Global Marketing Plan IN USD Currency | English


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How to join AIM Global Cameroon?

The steps to joining AIM Global Cameroon is now easier because the official office Cameroon branch is already established. If someone has already introduced to you about joining AIM Global Cameroon, please reach out now for assistance. But if no one yet, no problem, we are going to assist you with the process.

Step 1

You have to buy the requirement for membership which is the Global package for registration start with the business. The business capital you will need is CFA 138,000 as you can see in the picture below. The worth of products you will receive is CFA 149,000 so you can see that you have an immediate return on your investment. Not just that you will have the access to the 6 majors ways to earn. The potential that this business offers is up to 304,000 per week per day!


Your Package will include the following benefits:

  • ATM REGISTRATION FORM – The ATM will be used for your daily and monthly income.
  • WEBSITE / WEBPAGE – Your own account in AIM Global’s computer system that monitors all your and your group’s successful sales transactions.
  • DISCOUNTS Enjoy – 25% lifetime discounts on all AIM Global Products.
  • TECHNOLOGY SERVICES – Real-time internet-based access to your account 24/7 called DTC
  • GLOBAL BUSINESS  – Enjoy the privilege of being an independent distributor and have your own GLOBAL BUSINESS with six (6) major ways to earn

African Partners with Global Packages

Step 2

Your AIM Global account will be registered online. You need to provide the information below to register your account with your sponsor.

I will make sure that you will get the proper assistance in buying your Global Package for registration. The contact details are below.

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How to Earn with AIM Global Cameroon Marketing Plan


Earn by retailing or selling. You will earn a 25% profit on every product you can sell or retail. Don’t be scared if you don’t like selling because this is not compulsory, no sales quota but a bonus way to earn.



Earn CFA 9,000 for every people you will sponsor to join AIM Global Cameroon. All people that will register with your ID number as their sponsor will earn you a commission of CFA 9,000Sponsor people as many as you can for faster income and business growth.


Matching Bonus

Earn CFA 19,000 on every matched sale. This is the binary program wherein once you become a member, you will have two sales force which is the left and the right sales force. 1,200 binary points are needed on both sides to have a match.

Every new member that will buy the Global Package has 1,200 binary points and that means every new join from the left and right will match. In that scenario, you will earn a commission of CFA 19,000 on every match.

The potential income of CFA 304,000 per day is possible through the matching bonus. You are allowed to have 16 matches per day so if each match you’ll earn CFA 19,000 then if you have 16 matches per day, it’s CFA 304,000 every day!


Products also have binary points that can accumulate to reach 1,200 and find a match from the other side.

What Can Match Are:

  • Recruit (1,200 Binary points) ⇒ GH¢ 125 ⇐ Recruit (1,200 binary points)
  • Recruit (1,200 Binary points) ⇒ GH¢ 125 ⇐ Accumulated group sales points (1,200 binary points)
  • Accumulated group sales points (1,200 binary points) ⇒ GH¢ 125 ⇐ Accumulated group sales points (1,200 binary points)

 Uni-level Bonus

Earn 5% from your group sales from 1st level up to 10th level and an additional 5% from all your directs. This has a special feature of Dynamic Compression that only qualified distributors will be counted on the earning of the 10th level. This gives more income to distributors and maximizes the uni-level bonus.

aim world unilevel bonus

 Overriding Stair-Step Commission

Earn an overriding commission. The income here is based on your rank. Hit any rank with no time frame, no reversion, no demotion, and no pass up. It’s a higher rebate minus a lower rebate.
Example: If you are a GA, you have 10% overriding on all your GE, 20 % on all your SE, and 30% on all zero ranks under your group.

Stairstep new

  • Silver Executive – Earn 10 percent overriding commission on all zero ranks under your group.
    To become SE, just accumulate 10 positional group product points or personal points from product reorders.
  • Gold Executive – Earn 20 percent overriding commission on all zero ranks under your group.
    To become GE, just accumulate 100 positional group product points or personal points from product reorders.
  • Global Ambassador – Earn 30 percent overriding commission on all zero ranks under your group.
    To become GA, just accumulate 1,000 positional group product points or personal points from product reorders.
  • Ruby Global Ambassador – Earn 35 percent overriding commission on all zero ranks under your group.
    To become a RUBY GA, you must have 5 direct GAs with at least 50 Non-GA group positional points.
  • Diamond Global Ambassador – Earn 40 percent overriding commission on all zero ranks under your group.
    To become a Diamond GA, you must have 8 directs GA’s with at least 50 Non-GA group positional points.

With these ways how to earn in AIM Global Cameroon, your success is granted provided that you will follow the system, train, and equip yourself with the right skills to grow your AIM Global business.

If you are experiencing financial problems today, when do you plan to solve it? Or How?

Your life today is just a product of you yesterday. 5 years ago, your life maybe was the same as today. And count 5 years from now, if you will not engage in a business, like AIM Global for a change, then your life will still be the same.

Act Now And Change Your Future