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How to Earn 528 USD Per Day With AIM World

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Earn 528 USD Per Day

This is a simple explanation of how to earn the 528 USD per day in AIM World. I will not dive into the deep explanation of AIM World Marketing Plan because I already discussed it in my previous post.

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I will focus on Binary Compensation Plan making it possible to earn 528 USD per day. When we say binary, it has two part which is the left and the right group of your organization. Binary is only one part of AIM World Marketing Plan. Aim World is known to have a hybrid marketing plan where the means of earning is through recruitment and product movement combined. The illustration below, it is showing the Matched Sales Bonus way to earn. After you buy your business package, we will register your account in the system for you to have your own access to AIM World System.
Earn 528 USD per day

The idea is simple, after you become a member, promote the business to your friends, family, classmates, your colleague, and to all people who can possibly do the business. They must also buy the Business Package to become a member and you earn $25 for each Business Package bought on your AIM World Shop. The most exciting part is the Matched Sales Bonus where you earn $33 for every matched Sale. See the image below.
Earn 528 USD Per Day

Your earning bonus has just started. When Friend 1 and Friend 2 also promote AIM World business, you earn another bonus of $33. The same system applies every time there are new people joining your organization, you earn $33 if there is a match. It is illustrated on the image below.
 Earn 528 USD Per Day match Sales Bonus

So How to Achieve the 528 USD Income Per Day?

On the given example below, it shows that the people in the left group and the right group grew the number. Imagine, each people are promoting the business, so you can have a lot of Matched Sales per day where you get paid each Match. The company has Safety Net for the company’s stability. Safety Net means each distributor is only allowed to be paid a maximum of 16 pairs pairs per day per account. So let us do the quick math. Each pair is $33 so we will multiply it by 16 times.

Earn 528 USD Per Day Binary 16 Matches

If you are not yet a member then How to Start?

Read these topics that might help you get answers.

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Once you are ready, buy your Business Package on AIM World Shop by clicking the image below.


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