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How To Join AIM Global Vanuatu And Become A Distributor

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AIM Global Vanuatu

Joining AIM Global from Vanuatu is just an easy process just like in other countries where there is no AIM Global branch yet. December of 2016, AIM Global opens in Papua New Guinea (PNG) which is the nearest branch to Vanuatu and after just a few months, there is a rapid growth in AIM Global PNG Distributors. If you came from Google and have found this post that tells how to join AIM Global Vanuatu, you are on the right page. Join this amazing opportunity as AIM Global helps people change lives from ordinary to extraordinary millionaires!  Scroll down below to know more details.

AIM Global USD Presentation


Whatsapp/Viber/Wechat » +639991789842
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FBRobinson Ortega

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AIM Global started in 2006 and has already established strong branches in 17 countries as of 2017. The visionary president Doc Ed Cabantog announces about the new countries soon opening that are in Congo, Botswana, Rwanda, Tanzania, South Africa. The company is in the distribution of health and wellness products where a member can earn from 20 USD up to 640 USD or more per day if will follow the system that AIM Global teaches for members.

How to join AIM Global Vanuatu?

Below are the steps to take in joining AIM Global.

To become a member, you just need to buy the Global Package for membership. The minimum business capital to buy it will depend on the package of your choice so you have to get in touch with the assisting coach. Below is the photo of the Global package for membership you need to buy to become a member.

AIM Global package

Below are the contact details of the assisting coach for AIM Global Vanuatu.

Whatsapp » +639991789842
Email »
FBRobinson Ortega

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