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Joining AIM Global Uganda Is Your Road To Succes

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Learn About AIM Global Uganda

Hundreds of messages that I am receiving from the inquiries sending to my Whatsapp and e-mail so I have decided to make a post about joining AIM Global Uganda to make this post a helpful reference for people searching for information whether from Google or social media like Facebook.

Welcome to the most exciting part of becoming a member of AIM Global Uganda. I will show you how to earn with AIM Global after you’ve joined the business. The title may look too good to be true but once you’ve understood how the business works, you too can benefit from this if you’ll work it out.

The Potential Income

The potential income is UGX 1,600,000 per day!

I am not saying that you will achieve it overnight. I will be honest that this is not easy especially at first but it’s worth it. The reward potential income is worth it for all the effort you’ll exert in this business. Do you know that there is no such easy thing to gain your financial freedom in this world? Even the hard-working people that work in their difficult jobs are not even paid for their worth. But with AIM Global is different, you’ll be compensated for your worth.

Business Presentation Video

The presentation video below is in USD currency, however, it applies the same principle in terms of the ways to earn.  If you have more questions after watching the video, it might be answered below. Feel free to scroll down.

Alliance in Motion Global or AIM Global is a direct sales network marketing company that was founded in 2006 by its three owners conceptualized to provide exceptional products and services to the market. The triumvirate owners are Dr. Eduardo Cabantog, Sir Francis Miguel, and Mr. John Asperin.

AIM Global is accredited by Nature’s Way USA to be its exclusive distributor for Direct Sales in the Philippines. AIM Global is also known as a pro-distributor company that has a lucrative marketing plan that is giving more benefits to its distributors and well compensation in every aspect of its 6 ways to earn. The company has a decade of a journey in 2016 that continually bringing a life-changing opportunity in every Filipinos as well as other nationalities. The company has created over 2,000 people worldwide in 10 years of excellence.

Over the years, AIM Global has built a strong presence with 3 branch offices in Cebu, Davao, General Santos City, and 122 Business Center Offices in the country, currently at hand. The move to go global has opened vast opportunities for the company. AIM Global has established international offices in Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Hawaii, Brunei, Hongkong, Nigeria, Ghana,  Uganda, Togo, Kenya, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan. In the next following, months will open in Cameroon, India, Tanzania, and other countries that are next in line.


Guided Steps in Joining

Keep in mind that you need a sponsor to become a member. If you were invited by a friend, family, or to anyone people you know, go ahead and contact them. If no sponsor yet,  I am 100% confident that I can guide you to do this business as your me as your sponsor.

Let’s get started.

Step 1

Buy the Global Package for membership. Your business capital will be UGX 733,000 and you will have a product package worth UGX 910,000. This is only one of the other packages options. When you go to the office, you can see more choices for the product combos. This package is available in AIM Global Uganda business center in Kampala.

How to buy in AIM Global Uganda Office?

We will set you an appointment with the manager in Kampala so you will get process assistance.

Whatsapp/Viber +639991789842
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Step 2

After you are registered you will have your own access to AIM Global Online Account Called DTC ( Daily Tracking Center ). This is where you can monitor everything about the business. After becoming a member, attend the free training provided by the company. Plus the free bonus tips by your sponsor for online marketing.

Don’t miss this opportunity. It will come to you if you don’t get it somebody else’s will and you will continue to see this as other people grow. So why not start as soon as possible and reach your dreams.
“Without change, there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable.”
_William Pollard

Introducing The Multiple Accounts

You can invest up to 7 accounts and will triple you’re earnings so meaning 7 of those packages. The same effort to a single account but will give you faster and bigger results. Business capital in 7 accounts is UGX5,131,000 and your product package worth is UGX 6,370,000.


After you bought the Global Package, the office personnel will also provide the registration code. Send it to the people who invited you to AIM Global or to this Whatsapp +639991789842 or email

The format of your message.

First name:
Registration Code:

How to Earn in AIM Global Uganda


Earn by retailing or selling. You will earn a 25% profit on every product you can sell or retail. Don’t be scared if you don’t like selling because this is not compulsory, no sales quota but a bonus way to earn.


Sponsoring or Direct Referral

Earn by sponsoring people to join you with AIM Global.  For every people you’ll sponsor, you will earn a commission of 50,000 UGX from the company. This has no limit. The more people you can invite and join the business, the better and more commissions you will have.


Matching Bonus

Earn UGX 100,000 on every matched sale. This is the binary program wherein once you become a member, you will have two sales force which is the left and right sales force. 1,200 binary points are needed on both sides to have a match. Every new member that will buy the Global Package has 1,200 binary points and that means every new join from the left and right will match. In that scenario, you will earn a commission of 100,000 UGX on every match.

Products also have binary points that can accumulate to reach 1,200 and find a match from the other side.


What Can Match Are:

  • Recruit (1,200 Binary points) ⇒ UGX 100,000 ⇐ Recruit (1,200 binary points)
  • Recruit (1,200 Binary points) ⇒ UGX 100,000 ⇐ Accumulated group sales points (1,200 binary points)
  • Accumulated group sales points (1,200 binary points) ⇒ UGX 100,000 ⇐ Accumulated group sales points (1,200 binary points)


Every product has its corresponding points. When your groups are reordering products for selling or personal use, you are gaining a commission from the product points. The product points will then be convertible to income.

unilevel uganda

Stair-Step Commission

The income here is based on your rank. Hit any rank with no time frame, no reversion, no demotion, and no pass up. It’s a higher rebate minus a lower rebate.
Example: If you are a GA, you have 10% overriding on all your GE, 20 % on all your SE, and 30% on all zero ranks under your group.

Stairstep new

Silver Executive

Earn 10 percent overriding commission on all zero ranks under your group.
To become SE, just accumulate 10 positional group product points or personal points from product reorders.

Gold Executive

Earn 20 percent overriding commission on all zero ranks under your group.
To become GE, just accumulate 100 positional group product points or personal points from product reorders.

Global Ambassador

Earn 30 percent overriding commission on all zero ranks under your group.
To become GA, just accumulate 1,000 positional group product points or personal points from product reorders.

Ruby Global Ambassador

Earn 35 percent overriding commission on all zero ranks under your group.
To become a RUBY GA, you must have 5 direct GAs with at least 50 Non-GA group positional points.

Diamond Global Ambassador

Earn 40 percent overriding commission on all zero ranks under your group.
To become a Diamond GA, you must have 8 directs GA’s with at least 50 Non-GA group positional points.

What are the benefits of Joining AIM Global?

Becoming a member of AIM Global will enable you to receive the following benefits. Upon joining AIM Global, in your package, you will receive the following benefits.

Note: Every country has different package combos as well as the benefits. These benefits that I will be mentioning the benefits of joining AIM Global Philippines.

Product Package
Upon joining, you will be receiving a product combination. Every country has its own product packages so you may refer to your sponsor for the updated package. The worth of the product you will get is the worth of your capital. For example, if you will joining with 3 accounts, that’s PHP21,000 and the worth of products you will get in return is from PHP21,000 up to PHP25,000 depending on your package of choice.

Lifetime Discount On Product Reorders
After you are successfully registered online to AIM Global DTC or daily tracking center, you will see there your ID number and that confirms that you are a registered member and will be entitled a 25% lifetime discount on products when you reorder. Some people join because they just want to have a discount or enjoy retailing, which a good benefit instead of buying the SRP price, as a member, you will buy it as a Distributor price.

AIM Global has insurance for members. It is accident insurance. A member who might be caught by an accident and die, the immediate family member will receive PHP200,000. There is also PHP50,000 for unprovoked murder and assault, PHP10,000 Burial Assistance, and 10,000 Medical Reimbursement.

Scholarship Certificate
It’s a Transferable scholarship certificate. AIM Global has more than 500 tie-up schools in which you can choose from, where you would like to use the transferable scholarship certificate. You can give it to anyone but not for sale.

Cardio Pulse
It is a simple, non-invasive, painless screening device that measures pulse waveform for 3 minutes to reveal early warning signs of cardiovascular disease and peripheral vascular disease. A service provided by AIM Global free for members and letting members earn more by referring more people who would like to avail the service to know their health condition. There is a free certificate for new members.

Free Training And Support
From Monday to Sunday, AIM Global head office in Ortigas has free training conducted for members and non-members. A non-member can attend the OPP or the Opportunity Plan presentation of the business. For members is the NDO or the New Distributors Orientation and the ASAP is Alliance Success Achievement Program to teach members the skills needed for success in business. If you are from another country and there is an office, you may refer to the official schedules of training.

Business Kit
It includes product brochures, application forms, and paper bags. There are also leaflets in it that can be helpful for you to promote the business.

For your income encashment, you can process BDO or Chinatrust. If you already have an existing BDO Savings Account, you don’t need to process anymore for a new cash card, you can go to the customer service to process the linking of your AIM Global account to your bank account. You can also get your income as a cheque. If you are in another country, you need to connect to the office or contact your sponsor on how you can encash your money.

Major Ways To Earn
AIM Global runs a hybrid marketing plan. Not just product movements but also will enable you to earn more on the growing network through the binary.  You can earn through Retailing, Sponsoring bonus, Matching Bonus, Unilevel, Stairstep, Profit Sharing, and more!

Contact Person/COACH/MENTOR

Whatsapp/Viber/Wechat » +639991789842
Email »
FB – Robinson Ortega

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Is AIM Global A Legit Business in Uganda?

Yes. AIM Global has been operating in Uganda for more than 3 years now and before the office opens in every country, we make sure that all are approved including the product, registrations, and legalities. We are a legit business operating in Uganda.

How long before I can succeed in AIM Global?

All will depend on your effort and belief. Many have made it in 2 years, some made it in 1 year. If you will do AIM Global seriously and putting it by heart, it is not fair that you can succeed early.

Is there a business capital needed?

Yes. All business needs capital. In AIM Global Uganda, you just need a minimum business capital of UGX777,000. You will have a product package worth UGX800,000 in return plus you will be registered online to access our ways to earn.