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AIM Global in Malaysia Through AIM World – How to Join

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AIM Global Malaysia Through AIM World

AIM GLOBAL is bringing the opportunity to more people through countries and it is good news that AIM World, which is the online division of AIM Global is available in Malaysia. Currently, the company has 18 offices in different countries and because of its goal to make AIM Global available worldwide, AIM World was born which enables the company to market in 200 countries.

AIM Global Presentation Video In USD Currency

Contact Person

Whatsapp/Viber/Wechat » +639991789842
Email »
FB – Robinson Ortega

For over 10 years in the industry, AIM Global received relentless recognition and awards from different institutions. The company is also on its momentum to compete in the global market and have a global appearance with the MLM giants. Here are some of the achievements of AIM Global making its presence be known worldwide.

For the complete company details of the company profile, visit the Introduction of Alliance in Motion Global or AIM GLOBAL

How much can you earn with AIM World? You can earn up to 528 USD per day! See how it works.

UPDATE: For the Upgraded Marketing Plan of AIM World or the Ways to Earn, please go here ⇒
aimworld website marketing plan

Our dedicated team is here to help you achieve your financial goal. AIMWorld earning potential is substantial!

$25 — Per AIMWorld package purchase and get registered!

$33 — On every Matched Sales in the binary program!

You Are Allowed To Have 16 Matches Per Day!

Let’s do the Math…

$33 X 16 = $528 Gross Income Per Day!

See the full details of the 6 ways to earn on AIMWorld Marketing Plan.

What are the benefits of AIM World?

  • You can market in 200 countries
  • Package delivery door-to-door via FedEx
  • Your prospects can join online via credit card
  • You have support from the company
  • We have a unique product

How can you join this amazing opportunity?

Step 1

Buy your business package. The business capital is 268 USD. Please refer to the image below for the right package you should buy. Go to AIMworld shop now!

Step 2

After you buy the package, check your email because the REGISTRATION CODE needed to register your account will be sent to your email address.

Once you have the registration code, please send these details to the information below.

Note: Must be your name with a valid ID

First Name :_______
Last Name: _______
Birthday( ex. Jan 2, 2017): _______
Contact #:________
Address: _______
Registration Code: _______

Send it to or Whatsapp +639991789842. You can also send it to our Facebook.

Step 3

Wait for the confirmation. You will have your log-in to your AIM World Online Portal within 24 hours. The log-in page is


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