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AIM Global France – The opening of Alliance in Motion Global Europe

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AIM Global France contact

AIM Global has set again the foot towards another expansion and through the continued effort of developing quality products, AIM Global France will be soon opening!
If you are looking for the contact details on how to join AIM Global from France, the contact details will be provided below.

AIM Global France Opening


AIM Global has successfully opened branches in 20 countries as of 2018. We have offices in Africa, Asia, Part of US, South Pacific, and will be opening this first quarter of 2019 in Europe!
Doc Ed Cabantog has already announced about the first three countries that AIM Global is opening its branch office that includes Spain, France, and Italy.

AIM Global product for Europe is called the E24/7 and is manufactured made by WEIDER  in Belgium.

E247 AIM Global Product

The product is already approved and will soon be available for distribution in whole Europe. When a member joins from any country, the package can be delivered even there is no office yet.

What is the process to join AIM Global France?

The process is simple. First, you should have your sponsor who will take care of your account registration and will be your guide as you do the business. Your sponsor will play a big role in your AIM Global career as AIM Global is a business of helping people.

Steps in joining AIM Global France

First, you have to buy the membership package. For the package price and photo, please contact your sponsor. After you bought your AIM Global package, you will be registered online with your own username and password, you can monitor your business anytime anywhere.
AIM Global will also provide you with free training to any offices and branches that we have worldwide.

AIM Global USD Presentation


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