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AIM Global Europe OPP Marketing Plan Presentation

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AIM Global Europe OPP

AIM Global Profile (Business Presentation)

aim global europe

Good news! AIM Global Europe has already launched with so much potential for every member of AIM who would like to market in Europe. On the page, I will discuss the AIM Global Global Europe OPP where you will know how to make money through this business.

AIM Global has already been existing for 14 years in the business as of 2020 and has already expanded into more than 20 countries with branches.


AIM Global has launched its online division the so-called AIM WORLD in which others get confused about it. AIM World and AIM Global is just the same company. 


What is AIM Global?

Alliance In Motion Global also known as AIM Global is a leading Multilevel Marketing and Direct Selling Company with over 5 million distributors across the globe. Founded on the principle of changing lives through its remarkable products, proven compensation plan, and charitable programs, the company has been delivering its promise for more than a decade now, as the results speak for themselves. With extensive experience as network leaders, their innovative spirit, and visionary leadership, its Board of Directors has taken AIM Global from a simple local organization to an international enterprise and major industry-player that has improved the lives of millions.

It is better if you would watch the Youtube video first and if you have a question, you can comment below or use these contact details will be provided.

Products For AIM Global Europe

What is E24/7?

E24/7 is composed of 102 powerful ingredients derived from natural nutrients that provide extra health benefits. It is the product manufactured by Wieder, a multi-billion Euro company partnered with AIM Global who formulated this amazing product. E24/7 is the counterpart of the C24/7 but has higher Orac value, and is formulated specifically for the European market. The packaging is per bottle, not per blister pack.

The E24/7 has already been approved to France, Spain, and Italy!

AIM Global Europe OPP Marketing Plan Presentation


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How to Join AIM Global If you live in Europe?

Here are a few steps for you to join the business. To become an official member, you have to become registered online to the system called DTC or the distributor tracking center. Please note that the contact details below will only be for non-members. For members who wish for assistance, please contact your sponsor or the managers nearest you.

Buy the package to join

aim europe 1 package

This is the first step for you to take. The package price is only €228 with the value of a product of €272. This has binary points of 1,200. The package includes 4 bottles of E24/7. This is for a single account. You need to choose at least one but if you want to have a higher potential income you can get more than one account.

AIM Europe multiple accounts


The package price is only €228 and the gross potential income per month is up to €12,000 per month through our ways to earn.


The package price is only €684 and the gross potential income per month is up to €36,000 per month through our ways to earn.


The package price is only €1,596 and the gross potential income per month is up to €84,000 per month through our ways to earn.


The package price is only €3,420 and the gross potential income per month is up to €180,000 per month through our ways to earn.

How to buy the Global Package?

Pay through the bank

There might have additional charges.
Shipment lead time is 3-7 working days.

IBAN: ES82 0049 3665 44 2314061903
Before you deposit contact the assisting coach below to make sure you are guided.
You will send your teller receipt to these details below for verification.
After your payment will be verified, we will proceed to the account registration which should take only 2-3 days.

Contact the assisting coach

If you want the step by step guide about the payment process, it is actually better to get in touch first the assisting coach for better options. This also gives a faster way to get you registered on the system as a member.
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What are the benefits of Joining AIM Global?

Becoming a member of AIM Global will enable you to receive the following benefits. Upon joining AIM Global, in your package, you will receive the following benefits.

Note: Every country has different package combos as well as the benefits. These benefits that I will be mentioning are the benefits of joining the AIM Global Philippines.

Product Package

Upon joining, you will be receiving a product combination. Every country has its own product packages so you may refer to your sponsor for the updated package. The worth of the product you will get is worth your capital. For example, if you will joining with 3 accounts, that’s PHP21,000 and the worth of products you will get in return is from PHP21,000 up to PHP25,000 depending on your package of choice.

Lifetime Discount On Product Reorders

After you are successfully registered online to AIM Global DTC or daily tracking center, you will see there your ID number and that confirms that you are a registered member and will be entitled a 25% lifetime discount on products when you reorder. Some people join because they just want to have a discount or enjoy retailing, which a good benefit instead of buying the SRP price, as a member, you will buy it as a Distributor price.


AIM Global has insurance for members. It is accident insurance. A member who might be caught by an accident and die, the immediate family member will receive PHP200,000. There is also PHP50,000 for unprovoked murder and assault, PHP10,000 Burial Assistance, and 10,000 Medical Reimbursement.

Scholarship Certificate

It’s a Transferrable scholarship certificate. AIM Global has more than 500 tie-up schools in which you can choose from, where you would like to use the transferrable scholarship certificate. You can give it to anyone but not for sale.

Cardio Pulse

It is a simple, non-invasive, painless screening device that measures pulse waveform for 3 minutes to reveal early warning signs of cardiovascular disease and peripheral vascular disease. A service provided by AIM Global free for members and letting members earn more by referring more people who would like to avail the service to know their health condition. There is a free certificate for new members.

Free Training And Support

From Monday to Sunday, in AIM Global head office in Ortigas has free training conducted for members and non-members. A non-member can attend the OPP or the Opportunity Plan presentation of the business. For members is the NDO or the New Distributors Orientation and the ASAP is Alliance Success Achievement Program to teach members the skills needed for success in business. If you are from another country and there is an office, you may refer to the official schedules of training.

Business Kit

It includes product brochures, application forms, and paper bags. There are also leaflets in it that can be helpful for you to promote the business.


For your income encashment, you can process BDO or Chinatrust. If you already have an existing BDO Savings Account, you don’t need to process anymore for a new cash card, you can go to the customer service to process the linking of your AIM Global account to your bank account. You can also get your income as a cheque. If you are in another country, you need to connect to the office or contact your sponsor on how you can encash your money.

Major Ways To Earn

AIM Global runs a hybrid marketing plan. Not just product movements but also will enable you to earn more on the growing network through the binary.  You can earn through Retailing, Sponsoring bonus, Matching Bonus, Unilevel, Stairstep, Profit Sharing, and more!


Here, we have quality products you can share or sell. There is no limit or quota per month sale. If you want to retail products, you will make 25% to 50% retail profit. Many people love selling but there are also people who hate selling. In this case, whether you would like to sell or don’t sell, no problem. It’s your choice.
In the above-given example, the regular price for non-members is 68 euro and as a member, you will have a discount of 37% in which you will get it for only 43 euros. When you sell the product at a regular price, you will have a profit of 25 euro.

Direct Sponsoring

sponsoring bonus aim europe

For every person who will join you in AIM Global, the company will give you €20 that you will see in your AIM Global account online. After you purchase your AIM Global, you will be registered online in where you can monitor the business anytime anywhere as long as there is the internet.  You can sponsor as many people as you want to gain more direct referral bonuses and also to benefit in the matching bonus in which I will explain next. 

Matching Bonus

matching bonus europe

This is the most exciting way to make money. This is the binary program. You will make €25 for every match sales from the left and the right group of your account. Earlier diagram, I have shown the €20 for every people will sign up through you and the €25 is another bonus. On the given example above, you have two people invited and joined in AIM Global that is under your left and right group. In this case, you will have €40 for the total direct sponsoring bonus plus the €25 as the Matching bonus. The potential income you can make here is up to €12,000 per month!

When your left and the right group becomes unstoppable in terms of recruitment, the diagram above will happen and in this case, you will earn up to 16 matches per day for every single account. You can have multiplied potential income when you will get multiple accounts.


Another way to earn in AIM Global called the Unilevel is based on the product movement of your team. You will earn 10% of your directs and your first level and 5% from 2nd level up to the 10th level of active consumers.  There is dynamic compression in here where all those inactive level will be replaced by those active level until 10th level is completed. This is the passive income where while you are at home and your downlines are reordering products form any parts of the world, you are earning money. 


stairstep europe

Just like the Unilevel, this is also based on product movement. You can gain positions like Silver Executive, Gold Executive, and the Global Ambassador. This means that every position corresponds to more potential earning. 

  • Silver Executive –  In here, you will earn an additional 10% of the product reorders of your team. For you to reach the position, you will just need 10 product points.

  • Gold Executive – When you reach 100 points, you will become Gold Executive. Your commission will be 20% to your group reorders. 
  • Global Ambassador – Additional 30% commission to your group product reorders. You just need 1000 points to reach the position. 

You don’t need to focus on hitting these positions. You just need to build all the three essentials in your team. The product Users, Sellers, and Network builders. Your position comes automatically when your team is growing.

Contact person to join AIM Global Europe

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