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Venture AIM Global South Africa In 2021

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Aim global south africa 2021

You might be asking about the address of AIM Global in South Africa so I would like to emphasize that there is no physical office yet or branch in SA due to the pandemic, the official opening was delayed. But, you don’t have to worry because I will provide the necessary information that you need to know in starting up the business.

Before I tell you all the details I would like to show you the potential of this business. See these videos below. That will boost your confidence in venturing into this business.


Watching the video above will surely boost your trust with this opportunity because what happened to them can surely happen to you by following the same marketing plan, products, and strategies. Not only in Africa but in so many countries worldwide, AIM Global has already established its name in the Network Marketing Industry.

AIM Global Featured On TV

The Company Profile

If you don’t have a background yet of the company, let me tell you of the company profile. Alliance In Motion Global or simply AIM Global has started in 2006 in the Philippines. It’s a Filipino owned company. The company is in partnership with Natures Way, Weider, DSM, and  AMS Life Science. These companies are well respected in terms of manufacturing products and they manufacture AIM Global products.


Doc Ed Cabantog

Doc Ed cabantogDr. Eduardo Cabantog is the CEO founder of Alliance In Motion Global. He is also known as the “Visionary President”. He was a doctor that turned full-time in the Network Marketing business. Prior to establishing AIM Global company, he also joined several MLM companies until they pioneered AIM Global. He already got so many awards like the Philippines’ 10 Most Outstanding Entrepreneurs of 2010 by the Entrepreneurs Magazine Philippines and recognized by the Multi-Level Marketing International Association (MLMIA) as among the Best of the Best in the industry.

John Asperin

john asperinMr. John Asperin is also known as Mr. Excitement because every time he talks, it’s always full of energy that you will be recharged. He started the MLM business while he was a student. he is always a jolly speaker and with full conviction that everyone loves to listen to him. he became a top earner in his previous company prior to pioneering AIM Global.


Francis Miguel

Francis MiguelLate Francis Miguel is the Mentor of All Mentors. He was a computer engineer and had started his job in one of the biggest telecommunication companies. He started the MLM career while working and flourished exceedingly. He was called the Mentor of All Mentor because he is one of the pioneers in the MLM industry in the Philippines. He was also recognized as one of the Most Outstanding Businessmen in his hometown, Bulacan, and awarded as Alumni of the Year 2015 of his alma mater.


How To Get Started in AIM Global South Africa?


An overview process

Let me show you a quick overview process of joining AIM Global South Africa. The process will start from choosing your package and paying for it. Once you bought your package, proceed in paying it at the bank. Your account will be registered online to have your own login to AIM Global webpage. After becoming a member, we will provide you your own username and password access to your account.

Let’s get started.


Choose your package

The first step in becoming a member is to buy your membership package. There are 2 packages you can choose from. The first package is the Mega package ZAR3,380 and the 2nd package is the economy package ZAR1,880.  These packages below are the new update from the company as the economy driver or ED Plan 2.0 upgrade.

AIM global saouth africa 2021 packageAIM global south africa 1880 package

You can choose to get 1, 3, or 7 accounts.


Pay At The Bank

After you have selected your package, you will then have to pay at the bank.

AIM South Africa FNB Bank



Account Number: 62736957400

After payment, take a photo of your payment deposit slip or the transaction details if payment was made through online banking.


Send Proof Of Payment

After you’ve made the payment at the bank, take a photo of the receipt or any online transactions you’ve made and send it to your sponsor for verification. The sponsor will then send it to South Africa Incharge for verification.  See this sample payment receipt from my team.

south africa receiptreceipt 2

Mentor Robinson Ortega

Facebook – Robinson Ortega
WeChat/Viber/Whatsapp – +639991789842
Email –


Creation Of Your Online Account

After you have sent your payment, I will create your online account.
You will then have access to this webpage after your account is successfully created by the mentor and in this case, I will create your online account. You cant do it with yourself to register online because it needs such details as the sponsor ID, upline ID, and the registration codes which will be released from the office after your package is purchased.


Additional Information about AIM Global South Africa

The company is soon launching an office in SA, but as of the moment, because of the pandemic, there is a delay in finding a good office location to open a branch. We do already have a warehouse which is located in JHB, where the products will be coming from.

If you would like to take this BIG opportunity for your prosperous 2021, start now and act BIG!


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