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Top Network Marketing Company in PNG – MLM Papua New Guinea

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Top Network Marketing Company in Papua New Guinea

What makes a Network Marketing company become number 1 in a country? Does joining the Top Network Marketing Company also guarantee your big take off in MLM business? I know that you know what the answer is. In this post, I will introduce AIM Global that is already present in Papua New Guinea, and why it is the top MLM company in many countries.

AIM Global Business Presentation Video

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Top MLM Company in Papua New Guinea – Introducing Alliance in Motion Global!

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1.) A Pro-Distributor Company

The company Board of Directors/Owners are former Network Marketers in their past companies. They are one of the top earners who have experienced how to become a distributor so they know about the interest of a distributor that they also have to consider now that they own a company.

2. ) With Hybrid Marketing Plan

AIM Global has a binary and product movement way of earning which means whether you are good at building a network or a good product retailer will be to your advantage. Even recruitment stops in your network, you still have a way or earning through retailing and product commissions on your group reorders through product points that are called Uni-level and Stairstep.

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3.) Continuous Innovation And Upgrade

AIM Global never stops in innovating. Just this year, AIM World, which is the online division of AIM Global was the launch that enables to market the company in 200 countries. Learn about it here ⇒ What is AIM World: The Online Division of AIM Global

4.) With Supports in Online Marketing System

This is very important for a company in this era of information online. One of the company secrets, why we can penetrate to other countries even before putting up a physical office, is the power of online marketing. The company has free training for oneliners. By knowing online marketing, you will not be limited to the old school way of Networking, though it is still working these days adding more strategy to your knowledge is not bad. If you are on Social Media, why not use it to market your business. You will not be limited to people inviting only the people around you or the local market. You can build the business on the international market.

5.) Has A Global Appearance and Expansion

I mentioned this earlier, AIM Global has a worldwide market. One of the countries where AIM Global is present is in Kenya. Imagine how huge your market is. You will be learning about online marketing system plus these countries where there is a business center office where your downline can train, you without leaving your country. Just find a country where there are offices and prospects there. Once they join, the company will have support for free training. Easy huh!

6.) With Quality Products

No need to mention more about this, it’s obvious that AIM Global has gone this far because it has quality products. Remember having a global appearance that requires a very competitive product. AIM Global is in partnership with Natures Way, DSM, Weider, and AMS life science that are if not a multi-billion dollar company, a Multi-billion Euro company. They will never trust AIM Global partnering with them if not a trusted company.

7.) Owns a Manufacturing Plant.

In the Philippines, AIM Global is the only company that owns a manufacturing plant. The company is looking into the long-term journey so they put up a manufacturing facility. AIM Global is just starting to soar high despite its achievements and a decade of a journey. I’ve made a post about AIM Global Manufacturing Plant in the Philippines.

8.) With Health and Wealth Benefits 

You can work hard and earn money but most people neglect about their health while making money, so in the end, they will spend their wealth to become healthy again. AIM Global has products in health and wellness that you can use and at the same time, you can become wealthy by sharing the goodness of the products and the opportunity.

9.) Has ALIVE Foundation

AIM Global is not only after the profit, but it has the heart to share the blessings to those less fortunate families in many places in the Philippines or in other countries where the ALIVE Foundation was brought to, like in Nigeria and not impossible to be in Pakistan too in the coming future.

10.) Owners Has Physical Appearance in Offices

Most owners of MLM companies can’t be seen in the offices aside from their photos on their bulletin board posted but AIM Global is very different, Owners have their physical appearance in many offices worldwide. You can take photos with them or even make bonding with them.

If you are currently in MLM business in Pakistan and experiencing difficulties in building your network, try the online system. It has unlimited potentials.

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