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10 Top Network Marketing Companies in Nigeria MLM 2017

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Top Network Marketing Companies in Nigeria 2017

Many Nigerians especially those who have an interest in the MLM industry whether a distributor or those who are planning to engage in this business are curious about the Top Network Marketing Companies in Nigeria. Today, I am going to make a post about the top 10 MLM companies in Nigeria based on these criteria to determine if a company is legit or not.

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How can we determine if a Network Marketing company or any MLM companies are legit in Nigeria?

Here are my personal criteria for that.

#1. With Valuable Products 

Be aware that the blood of any MLM company is the product. The products must be consumable, with a unique selling proposition, and highly competitive. A successful Network Marketing company in Nigeria has a good product and I will bet on that.

Always remember that if the MLM company just promised a potential income upon joining with no immediate return on your investment whether, in the form of products and services, it clearly shows that it is a scam that can never last for a period of time.

#2. Visibility of the Owners

Are the distributors seeing the owner of the company? If you are planning to join any MLM company in Nigeria, make sure to check the company profile such as the company origin, the owners, and credibility.

Some MLM companies that vanished after it scammed many people are actually starting a new company again in a different name but with the same owner. If you have never seen the owners of the company interact with the distributors, or worst just seen on a bulletin board with a 1×1 ID picture as the CEO of the company, think again. Your business capital can be at risk when the company shuts down with no one to run and go after with.

#3. Been existing for over 4 years

I put this as another thing to consider if you plan to join an MLM company in Nigeria because the longer the company it has been existing, the longer experience it has already built a strong foundation. Most companies never last for two years because they folded when experienced hardship.

#4. Has Global Appearance 

Is the company has many offices not only in your local place but also in other countries? Though it’s not a major factor you will love to build an international business that can be done anywhere in the world.

#5. Has Physical Office not just one but many

It must be very obvious for someone to identify a scam company if they have no office that you can visit. Most of the scam companies are on the internet because they can easily flee with the people’s money leaving no track. Get to know if the MLM company has offices in many states in Nigeria.

#6. Approved by your local Government and DSA

Make your homework to identify if the company you are planning to venture with is legit and has approval from the organization that regulates the MLM industry.

Network Marketing in Nigeria is changing thousands of lives from ordinary people into extraordinary millionaires but because some other people use and destroy the good name of the MLM industry for their personal interest, many are starting a fly-by-night company to earn fast money. Make sure you will not become one of the victims by taking into consideration the key points I have given above.

10 Top Network Marketing Companies in Nigeria

I based the list on the number of distributors, the massive expansion in many states, and the popularity of the company since it started in the Nigeria MLM industry.

  1. Alliance in Motion Global Or AIM Global
  2. Forever Living Products
  3. Trevo LLC
  4. Organo Gold
  5. Jeunesse Global
  6. Qnet
  7. Royale Business Club
  8. Uno Premier
  9.  Total Life Changes
  10. Longrich

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I may not have listed all the legit Network Marketing companies in Nigeria that have already built a strong foundation in the MLM industry but this list above is on the safe side that has already credibility of creating millionaires over a  period of time.

Joining any network marketing company will not assure you of success unless you will work it out. If someone is recruiting you promising for a big profit with no work to do, stay away from them because the real world of MLM business is building and connecting with people.

Yes, you may find a sponsor who can help you build your organization or in other word put people under you but building yourself as a leader to your people will always make a difference.

To all Network Marketers or MLM people in Nigeria who have not yet on the success stage, don’t quit because your dream is possible. As long as your company is not one of them get rich quick schemes, your dream is possible no matter how long you can get it. Just don’t quit!

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