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How to order AIM Global Products Online

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how to buy aim global products online

Maybe, you have been hearing about the goodness of AIM Global products and want to order some to try but you are wondering how to order online. In this post, I will show you the step-by-step process on how you can order AIM Global products wherever country you are right now. If you know someone who is a member of AIM Global, you can ask them how to order but if you are from a country without an office yet, your best option is to order from AIM Global head office in the Philippines. You will be needing a coach or someone to assist you from the Philippines.


Why It Is Empowered Consumerism?

Once you go and purchase AIM Global products online through the EC Shop,  you will see Empowered Consumerism. It is the online campaign of AIM Global.


Is AIM Global Products Effective?

You are on this page because you have heard from someone or a person who has told you that AIM Global products are good. Maybe you have even watched a video testimony on Youtube about AIM Global products that’s why you have made research and now you are on this page. I don’t have to convince you about the goodness of the product because the company has been in the industry for 15 years as of 2021.


Ordering Online

The EC shop or AIM Global products shop is made for convenient use of ordering products. You can go and directly purchase AIM Global products or package to this link -→ EC SHOP

Take note: If your country is not yet supported to buy products online, you have to contact a coach for assistance. If there is no shipment yet going to your country then someone should assist you to ship it to your address.

If you are having trouble ordering products online contact below.
COACH Robinson Ortega
Whatsapp/Viber – +639991789842
Email –

Ordering At The Office

If you live in a country where there is AIM Global office, you can directly buy or purchase at the office. If you are a member, you will enjoy the discounted price of 25% on all products you will buy. If you still need assistance on how to purchase the product at the office, you can use the contact details above.

If you want to enjoy the lifetime 25% discount on the products you will purchase, becoming a member will save you a lot.

How to become a member of AIM Global

It is very simple to become a member. You just need to purchase the membership package. It includes products and benefits. You will also enjoy the lifetime discount and you will have a chance to make money for a living. The potential income you can make is up to $500 per day.

Watch this video presentation in USD.


Who To Contact To Join?

If you have already decided to join AIM Global, start to buy your first package. You can choose to get up to 15 Accounts. You have to communicate with a coach assisting people joining AIM Global or Empowered Consumerism.
you these details below.
Robinson Ortega
Whatsapp/Viber – +639991789842
Email –