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A Glimpse of AIM Global New Marketing Plan

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AIM Global New Marketing Plan Upgraded 2017

Great news for all AIM Global members! Your income can increase 30-40 percent with the upgraded new marketing plan of AIM Global! 

UPDATE: Please go here ⇒ For the AIM Global New Marketing Plan Presentation – 12,980 Upgrade!

AIM Global has already reached a decade of excellence and the company is now on a different level comes in 2017. I am personally excited about the new marketing plan of AIM Global because it has the most upgrade on the ways to earn that a distributor will benefit from.  A distributor who is earning 100,000 thousand every month on the existing marketing plan can range up to 150,000 on this new marketing plan of AIM Global. Where would you like to take a vacation with the 30-40 percent increase in your income in 2017? I don’t know about your plans, but this new marketing plan can bring you a better 2017!

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Note: This is not yet official unless it was released by the management and was posted on AIM Global’s Facebook page. This is just a preview and not yet considered complete or accurate. 

#1. Product retail price increase by 10%The AIM Global Naturacentials Skin Care products and AIM World products are not included because they are already set on the new marketing plan. There is also an increase of the commissional points by 10% which is a win-win upgrade for distributors.

#2. Doubled Direct Referral Bonus – From the existing 500 pesos for the direct referral, it will be upgraded to 1,000 pesos. Sponsor 5 people and you have a 5,000 bonus.

#3. Matched Sales Bonus Increase – From 1,500 pesos that have the potential income of 24,000 per day per account, it will become 2,000 pesos for the matching bonus with the potential income of 32,000 per day per account.

#4. Same AIM Global and AIM World Marketing Plan – The new sets of packages can have AIM world products combined.

#5. Global Package increase to 12,980 –  Package prices increase comes with the increase of income too. After 10 years of the existence of AIM Global, it’s the right time for the package increase and upgrades.

#6. There will be Associate Packs –  You should have no problem with the package increase because there is an associate pack like the previously called quick start that has a lower price.  A person can become a member for only 6,980 pesos. This has a 500 referral bonus and 1,000 pairing bonus and has only 3 allowed match sales per day but can be upgraded to the Global pack by having 2 personal reorder product points and enjoy the allowed 16 matches per day. You need to upgrade to the Global pack before you can add more accounts if you started with an Associate pack.

#7. Travel incentive points on every 5th pair – Unlike the old marketing plan with products on every 5th pair, this is now more exciting because you can convert your GC’s on travel incentive trips local or international. Be excited to travel nationwide or see the better world!

#8.  Stair-Step on all Global Package – You will have an overriding commission on Global Packages whether they are from weak or strong leg unlike the old marketing plan with no income on strong leg new Global Packs. You will now have overriding commissions on the product and Global packs! Amazing!

#9. Royalty will increase its depth –  The old marketing plan has only up to 5th level of  2% commission on all GA’s under your group but on this new marketing plan will be up to 10th level but all GA’s must maintain a certain requirement for you to receive the 2%. If the GA did not qualify, it will roll up and will apply the dynamic compression just like on the Unileve.

#10. Income Increase  – The projection of the income will have an increase of 30-40 percent!

How do you feel about this? Comment below! Share with your group now!

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