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ED Plan 2.0 @ AIM Global Nigeria

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Ed plan 2.0 AIm global Nigeria

The new ED Plan for AIM Global Nigeria now being launch and that means, another potential income for everyone who is currently a member of this business!

What is ED plan 2.0? It is called the Economy Driver Plan. The name arises amidst the pandemic crisis of coronavirus in which this opportunity brings more income to members who can adapt to the new normal.

What’s new with ED plan 2.0?

The new plan includes changes in the packages, NPP, PMA, and increased potential income in the direct referral and matching bonus. This gives the most benefit especially those who have already built their team and who have active leaders in their organization.

What is NPP?

New Product Policy is the meaning of NPP. Though it’s not always for a new product, as well for the launching of the new marketing plan. Old members need to avail  NPP for their account to be eligible with the new increased potential income. New members who are buying the new packages are automatically eligible and no need to purchase NPP for the marketing plan upgrade.

How to become a distributor in AIM Global Nigeria?

Follow these easy steps to become a member of ED Plan 2.0 for nonmembers.

You must have a sponsor

This means that you must have someone that has invited you. If no one, let me give you the best contact number for our international coach who can help you. You can contact him through Whatsapp, Facebook, and WeChat or even through email.

AIM Global USD Presentation


Whatsapp/Viber/Wechat » +639991789842
Email »
FBRobinson Ortega

Click here to add the assisting coach on Facebook!

Buy the Membership Package

The membership package is your ticket to this opportunity. After you purchased the package, you will be registered online for you to have your own account online.  You will have your own username and password.

Free Training will be provided

After becoming a member, we will equip you with the necessary skills for you to become successful in this business. You can do business online and offline. Many members are really making a good amount of money in this business doing it online.

Do you need more details about AIM Global Nigeria?
Use the contact details below found above.