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The Process to Join and Earn With AIM Global Kenya

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how to earn with aim global kenya

Process Of Joining AIM Global Kenya

Are you a Kenyan who wants to earn a substantial income that can make your dreams come true? You are in the right spot! In this post, I will explain how to earn with AIM Global Kenya.

You are reading the title right. The potential income is 48,000 KES Per Day the moment you work out the business and you are already on the momentum. But I want to tell you as soon as now. This needs an effort to happen. There is no overnight success. If you are looking for the fly-by-night get rich quick schemes, this isn’t the one. AIM Global is a legit company and is proven to change ordinary people into self-made millionaires.

The Company Profile

Alliance In Motion Global or AIM Global is a company that started in the Philippines since 2006. It’s already 14 years in the business as of 2020 and currently has established offices in more than 30 countries. The company is in partnership with multibillion-dollar companies like Natures Way, Weider, AMS in Japan, and Naturalife Aisa.

aim global europe

The Board Of Directors
AIM GLOBAL Kenya BODS Business Good to start for kenyans

Dr. Eduardo Cabantog

“LIFE IS SHORT. Maximize your abilities… develop your potential to the fullest! Be part of the fastest growing business in ASIA! It’s high time you realize your DREAMS, not 10 years from now, not 5 years from now, but this year! Let’s bring out the best in you…”

Francis Miguel

“LIFE CHANGING!” Words that describe this company I would say from the abundant benefits of its unique products to the very rewarding income from its remarkable marketing plan! I’ve seen it happened to some; you could be next! Let us build your dream. Let us help you GRAB IT”

John Asperin.

“We all should start young in working for our goals. Enjoy the good life early with your family while you’re able! Drive your life NOW! Let us teach you, guide you, and bring out your full potential! Everybody deserves this handful of opportunities… so don’t let it slip away…”

Since 2006, the company has now 10 years of existence and excellence. Currently, AIM GLOBAL has established offices in 17 countries, with 122 offices in the Philippines and still counting.

How AIM Global Changed My Life

I am excited to share this opportunity with you because this changed my life and most of the people in my organization. I believe that if you are in a struggle to win over financial problems, you are at the right time to learn about this business and give a shot once you learned how it works. I am just one of the thousands of distributors who is now benefiting from the good compensation plan as well as the best of health and wellness products of AIM GLOBAL company. Though I will not say that this is the best opportunity, just give yourself a chance to know how you can benefit from this opportunity.

AIM Global Business Presentation Video

If you will have an unanswered question after watching the video, feel free to browse more below.

AIM Global has already made 10,000+ self-made millionaires in 14 years. No doubt that you too can gain your financial freedom in AIM Global. AIM GLOBAL already counted numerous awards from different MLM institutions local and international. So much with the company profile and history, let us now proceed to the presentation on how you can start in the business.

Are you?:

  • Looking for a real opportunity?
  • Looking Solid source of income?
  • Tired of the job that is not giving you enough income?
  • Looking for Multiple income sources?
  • Seeking a way to fund your charity or Ministry?
  • Wanting to retire early or quit the job?

Then welcome to AIM GLOBAL Kenya!

How to Join with AIM Global Kenya?

You need to become a distributor first before you can access the ways to earn. Becoming a distributor means becoming a member of AIM Global. You will become an extension of the company to reach out to more potential customers.

Buy the Global Package

To become a distributor, you just need to buy the Global Package that you can buy in AIM Global Kenya Office present in Nairobi Kenya. The business capital to start for one account is KES 23,000. The product worth in the package that you will receive is KES 27,350. As you can see, you have an immediate return to invest through products. Please refer to the image below for the Global Package for Kenya.

AIM Global Kenya GP

Your Package will also include the following benefits:

  • ATM REGISTRATION FORM – The ATM will be used for your daily and monthly income.
  • WEBSITE / WEBPAGE – Your own account in AIM Global’s computer system that monitors all your and your group’s successful sales transactions.
  • DISCOUNTS Enjoy – 25% lifetime discounts on all AIM Global Products.
  • TECHNOLOGY SERVICES – Real-time internet-based access to your account 24/7 called DTC
  • GLOBAL BUSINESS – Enjoy the privilege of being an independent distributor and have your own GLOBAL BUSINESS with six (6) major ways to earn.

Contact Person When Ready To Buy

When you are ready to buy your membership package, I would like to make sure that you will be assisted well through the process. The registration usually takes up to 1 week so for me to speed up the process, contact me below. By contacting me, you will be under my coaching and team.
My website receives hundreds of inquiries every month from different countries and I would like to make sure, I help those who have potential and BIG dreams to have a better future.
Whatsapp » +639991789842
Email »
FB –  Robinson Ortega

The Happy Partners of AIM Global Kenya

I will make sure that you will receive the proper assistance when buying your Global Package in AIM Global Kenya Office

Let’s talk now about the Ways to Earn for members.

Explanation of the Ways to Earn


Earn by retailing or selling. You will earn a 25% profit on every product you can sell or retail. Don’t be scared if you don’t like selling because this is not compulsory, no sales quota but a bonus way to earn.



Earn by sponsoring people to join you with AIM Global.  In every people you’ll sponsor, you will earn a commission of KES 1,100 from the company.

aim global kenya sponsoring

Matching Bonus

Earn KES 3,000 on every matched sale. This is the binary program wherein once you become a member, you will have two sales force which is the left and the right sales force. 1,200 binary points are needed on both sides to have a match. Every new member that will buy the Global Package has 1,200 binary points and that means every new join from the left and right will match. In that scenario, you will earn a commission of KES 3,000 on every match.

Products also have binary points that can accumulate to reach 1,200 and find a match from the other side.

aim global kenya matching bonus

What Can Match Are:

  • Recruit (1,200 Binary points) ⇒ KES 3,000 ⇐ Recruit (1,200 binary points)
  • Recruit (1,200 Binary points) ⇒ KES 3,000Accumulated group sales points (1,200 binary points)
  • Accumulated group sales points (1,200 binary points) ⇒ KES 3,000 ⇐ Accumulated group sales points (1,200 binary points)


Unilevel is based on product movement of your team. Every product corresponds with a point. Every time your downlines are ordering products or just buying for personal consumption, you will earn a commission.


Stair Step

The income here is based on your rank. Hit any rank with no time frame, no reversion, no demotion, and no pass up. It’s a higher rebate minus lower rebate.
Example: If you are a GA, you have 10% overriding on all your GE, 20 % on all your SE, and 30% on all zero ranks under your group.

Stairstep new

  • Silver Executive – Earn 10 percent overriding commission on all zero ranks under your group.
    To become SE, just accumulate 10 positional group product points or personal points from product reorders.
  • Gold Executive – Earn 20 percent overriding commission on all zero ranks under your group.
    To become GE, just accumulate 100 positional group product points or personal points from product reorders.
  • Global Ambassador – Earn 30 percent overriding commission on all zero ranks under your group.
    To become GA, just accumulate 1,000 positional group product points or personal points from product reorders.
  • Ruby Global Ambassador – Earn 35 percent overriding commission on all zero ranks under your group.
    To become a RUBY GA, you must have 5 direct GAs with at least 50 Non-GA group positional points.
  • Diamond Global Ambassador – Earn 40 percent overriding commission on all zero ranks under your group.
    To become a Diamond GA, you must have 8 directs GA’s with at least 50 Non-GA group positional points.

With these ways how to earn in AIM Global Kenya, your success is granted provided that you will follow the system, train, and equip yourself with the right skills to grow your AIM Global business.

If you are experiencing financial problems today, when do you plan to solve it? Or How?

Your life today is just a product of you yesterday. 5 years ago, your life maybe was the same as today. And count 5 years from now, if you will not engage in business, like AIM Global, life will still be the same.

Contact the person who invited you to AIM Global.

If you don’t have a sponsor yet, contact me and I will help you and even guide you to succeed.

The contact person for AIM Global Kenya

Whatsapp/Viber/Wechat » +639991789842
Email »
FBRobinson Ortega

Click here to add the assisting coach on Facebook!

FAQs about AIM Global Kenya

Is there a business capital to join?

Yes. You need at least 23,000 KES to purchase a single account. You will have your free products worth your capital.

Is AIM Global A Scam?

No. The company is already 14 years in the business with complete documents and legalities.
Any company that is a scam will not last for more than 10 years and AIM Global has already exceeded 10years in the business and is permitted to open physical branches in 30 countries now.