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Earn Up to 91,200 Naira Per Day In AIM Global Nigeria

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Earn Up to 91,200 Naira Per Day

UPDATE: There is an updated post on how to earn with AIM Global Nigeria. Please go here ⇒

Earn up to 91,200 Naira Per Day? How could this be possible? I think this is a scam. I am working 8 hours a day with my tiring job, keep pushing to report at work even I hate my boss and still I ain’t getting enough and 91,000 naira is even more than my monthly salary. Is this serious?

Yes! And Yes for more than 10 years now, the company has never failed to pay out distributors who have reached the maximum potential income of 528USD per day and for Nigeria is 91,200NGN.  This is impossible if we are talking about the salary in a corporate world when big businesses owners buy your time, effort and skills to work for the company and get paid for it but because AIM Global is a business, it has so much to give if you will take it seriously. It’s time that you learn how to earn this kind of income if you’re already tired of not getting what you deserved on your hard-work.

Be engage in business my friend. You are talented enough to settle for less. 

” But I don’t have big capital and besides my time is already consumed by my job. I don’t think I can still be in a business. I don’t have time”.

Yes, I understand where you’re coming from, I thought the same as you when I was still working in a corporate world until AIM Global came and shown me that it doesn’t need a big business capital to start a business. I found out that this business will not require you to leave your job immediately and start a business. I mean to say is, I started in this business part time then make it full time after a year doing the business.

Alright, so much for those sweet convincing words, let me get into the real purpose of making this post is to show how to Earn Up to 91,200 Naira Per Day In AIM Global Nigeria.

Just to let you know, AIM Global has 6 Ways to Earn.  And I will not discuss all the ways but will just focus on one a way to earn that made possible an earning of 91,200 Naira Per Day enough to buy dreams.

Earn Up to 91,200 Naira Per Day on MATCHED SALES BONUS.

Match sales Bonus Aim global nigeria

Take a look at this diagram. The 1,900 naira is the SPONSORING BONUS but let us concentrate on the MATCHED SALES BONUS with 5,700 Naira earning.

When you join AIM Global, you will have an online account. We call it as DTC (Daily Tracking Center). It is where you can monitor your business with AIM Global 24/7.

You have to build NETWORK (a group of people not the cellphone network) to Leverage yourself. Leverage means you will recruit more business partners for you to multiply your time and effort thru others because their effort will also count on you.  To have a NETWORK, find at least 2 people will join the business. On the diagram above, friend 1 is on the left and friend 2 we put them on the right so it will match and you will earn 5,700.

“5,700 NGN is too small, how’s the 91,200 Naira per day?”

Okay, yes it is small at first. But your friend 1 and friend 2 will do the same by inviting at least 2 friends of them that they will put on their left and the right group as shown in the sketch below and because their recruits are on the left and right of your group, you will earn another MATCH Sales Bonuses.


Imagine if your two friends build a huge Network, thousands of people left and right. Do you think you will also have thousands of Matched Sales Bonus? Yes, you will! 


And the allowable Match per day is up to 16 matches only. Now let us do the Math.

16X5,700 = 91,200 Naira Per day potential income!

Is this possible? Now tell yourself. You are not dreaming. The good opportunity is now knocking on your door.

Will you open it? Or let it go away!

Do you know that you can even triple the 91,200 Naira per day income? It is by availing not only one package but the 7 accounts.

Aim Global 7 Heads Nigeria

AIM Global Nigeria Video Presentation

I hope you found something helpful on this post.

If you are ready to take it a shot, our team is ready to help you.


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