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How To Join AIM Global Zambia As A Distributor

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aim global zambia

Introduction of AIM Global In Zambia

If you are from Zambia in Africa and want to know how to join AIM Global from your country, you are on the right spot to learn more about this business. For the past 14 years, AIM Global has established 28 offices in many countries as part of the massive global expansion. Africa is a big continent that is now the big market of AIM Global. The company has already established offices in Nigeria, Togo, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, and more! But not only in Africa, but AIM Global also has offices in the Philippines which are about 127 business centers and branches. There is also AIM Global in Dubai, Papua New Guinea, Brunei, Hawaii, Singapore, Taiwan, Kuwait, Pakistan, and more. But let us talk about the real purpose of this post which is how to join AIM Global Zambia.

AIM Global Is An Opportunity for Zambians

The reason why AIM Global is a well-embraced opportunity by Africans for the reasons the starting up a business by simply joining is very affordable. African countries are part of the 3rd world countries that made it hard for more than 60% of the population to get by. Opportunities are very seldom and have a high unemployment rate. Though starting up a business is one great choice like being part of AIM Global is an opportunity to have a good future.

USD Business Presentation

If you have more inquiries about AIM Global or you have already decided to register, you can reach me to the contact details you will find below. I can assure you with the fast assistance and guidance for you to succeed. Hundreds of inquiries are coming from google are finding this website on a monthly basis that I can personally refer to you as a help in your network growth.
Use these details below to reach me out.
Whatsapp/Viber/Wechat » +639991789842
Email »
FBRobinson Ortega

AIM Global Zambia office is not yet open but you can already join as soon as now. There are already lots of distributors in Zambia who are now earning well. Become part of the pioneer in Zambia! That can bring you a good advantage.

aim global africaAIM Global African Partner

What is the potential of AIM Global?

AIM Global offers a limitless opportunity and earnings. You can earn up to 7,200 Zambian Kwacha per day per account! Currently, AIM Global has 7 Ways to Earn. Each country has a marketing plan for its currency.  Success in this business can’t be achieved overnight but through the help of a good mentor, you can get your dreams.

How to join AIM Global Zambia?

These are the steps you need to take in joining the business. I will explain more about it below.

  1. Buy the Global Package as your ticket to become a member
  2. Pay at Zanaco bank of AIM Global to purchase your Global Package.
  3. Take a photo or screenshot your receipt then send it to your mentor or to my team.
  4. We will ask your details for your account registration online.
  5. Your account login will be sent to you after registration.
  6. Pick-up your package at the office or wait for your package to arrive if it was sent from the head office.
  7. Keep in touch with your coach or mentor for training via Online or attend training at the branch office.
  8. Learn and apply the knowledge you will learn from the training to reach the success you want.
  9. Do business by heart. Love What you do, and don’t forget to improve your skills.
  10.  Keep helping people by sharing the opportunity.

Buy The Global Package

To register, you need to buy the Global Package. Every business needs a business capital, and in AIM Global, we are making sure that you will get more than what you paid for.
The membership package or we call it as Global package is for only 3,500 Zambian Kwacha.
The worth of products that you will receive is 4,350 Kwacha. After you purchase this for at least 1 package, you will be registered online.

aim global zambia package

Pay At The Bank

AIM Global has a Zanaco bank account where you can pay the direct deposit. What we just needed is the teller receipt from the bank as proof of your payment then once it’s done for verification, we will be needing to ask your details like the name and birthday for account registration. See the bank details below.

aim global bank account zanaco

Teller Receipt Sample

This photo below is the actual sample of payment made by a new member from Zambia. The same thing that we need for us to verify the payment before we proceed to the package preparation and account registration online.

zanaco payment receipt aim global zambia

Where to Send The Receipt

After your payment and you have the receipt, just take a photo of it and send it to your coach or get in touch with me because I will make sure to have the best assistance and guidance for you as part of my team. I personally coach and mentor my team from different parts of the world.
Email your receipt » or Whatsapp +639991789842.

Benefits Of Multiple Accounts

In AIM Global, you have an option to get multiple accounts or more than 1 account. I already mentioned that the potential income for a single account is up to 7,200 Zambia Kwacha per day and if you will get more than 1 account means a chance of doubling the potential income.


You just need to buy three packages and you will be registered with three accounts on your name. Three accounts have three times of potential income than the 1 account. I would personally recommend having the three accounts as the start to position your account to the better structure which is the 7 accounts.

aim global zambia 3 accounts


This is the best structure that you can start from Zambia. The company is allowing the distributor to get 7 Accounts. When you have this perfect structure, your potential income will also be multiple by 7 times. All accounts are on your name, not your downlines account nor to someone else but your name.


Frequently asked questions

When are you opening the branch?

The company is now working on the official opening as the products and everything needed is already approved and ready for the launch. It is very close to opening the branch before 2020 ends.

What is my chance of earning as a pioneer?

Starting as a pioneer in Zambia will give you a lot of benefits. You have a BIG chance of earning really bigtime. Being one of the first means you have a very good position to dominate the market before almost all of the Zambians knows about it. If you will start early, you still have many potential business partners that you can invite like your friends, family, and your neighborhood.

Can I market outside Zambia?

That is a big YES! AIM Global can be done online through social media like Facebook. You can even get support from your sponsor on how to explain the business to your prospect. If you have friends that stay for example in the USA, you can invite them and they can purchase the Global Package Online.

What are the ways to earn?

AIM Global has a hybrid marketing plan. You just need to have in your team the Network Builders, product users, and product retailers, then you will have a chance to earn big time in our ways to earn that includes, Retailing, Sponsoring Bonus, Matching Bonus, Unilevel, and Stairstep.

Can you register me first before I pay?

The first step is purchasing the Global Package so there is no possibility that you can be registered ahead of the purchase. When purchasing the Package, the company will release a registration code that will be then used to register your account online. 

Can you let me borrow money and pay you when I earn?

This is a funny question but honestly, many are asking me about this. This is not possible for the reasons that how would you take the business seriously if, in the first place, it’s not your money that is used to buy the package. You will not feel the importance of taking the business seriously.

What is the best strategy to succeed? 

If you will ask me for the secret of becoming successful, there is none but you can learn from successful people our strategy on how we made it. After joining AIM Global, we offer free training to the members. In our offices worldwide, we have daily schedules of training depending on the country’s time zones and culture. You will learn lots of strategies for our training when you become a member. 

I don’t want to sell, can I still earn?

Yes. AIM Global has many ways to earn and selling is just one of the ways to earn. You can share the business to your friends, family, or even strangers. Sharing is inviting them by explaining the benefits of joining the business. Myself is not a fan of selling products, I just use products but not selling a lot though I always try to share product goodness especially to those who have health conditions. I am just happy that they keep reordering as the products give them lots of health benefits.

I don’t want to recruit, can I earn?

Selling or building a network is the key to success. Learn how to find at least two people to be put in your left and right group. When you have a working leader under your left and right group, even you find yourself busy, you have a very big chance to earn big. If not a fan of selling, at least learn how to recruit because AIM Global pays a lot more to those who take the business into the next level.