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AIM Global Trainings and Business Seminars

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AIM Global Trainings and Business Seminars

If you are a new distributor of AIM Global, you should know these free sets of Training and Business Seminars that the company provides.  I would also say that you badly need this to succeed in AIM Global Business.

Sad to say that thousand of distributors that are a member many years ago don’t even know the names of the training or had not attended any of the seminars or have watched videos on YouTube. Maybe their sponsor didn’t teach them about it or just lazy enough to become resourceful in any way.

If you are one of those distributors that just handed out their business capital to their sponsor or to the cashier in the office to buy their Global Packages and have done anything after it, your success may not be clear. There is the thing called ” work” to achieve something and you need information on how to make it accomplished. Money isn’t everything, but I guess you also want to achieve the time and financial freedom the company has to offer.

Build your business foundation by gaining enough knowledge and skills to be your weapons against rejection, fear, doubt, and all the struggles along the way.

Yes, AIM Global business is very promising but your way all through the success may not be straight. Some others even say that this is a rejection business and you know it with yourself. It’s hard and it is even harder if you know anything about the business you are doing. Equip yourself before going into the battle because winning the game in your Networking journey means winning your dream life as well as the good future of the people you care about.

Heads up and put to work!

AIM Global Trainings And Seminars (Free)

OPP – Opportunity Plan Presentation

This is simply a business presentation. If someone has explained to you the business prior to your joining, it is called OPP. AIM Global head office which is in Ortigas conducts OPP mostly twice a day if there is no other training schedule. The first OPP is around 2 PM and followed by the 7 PM seminar on the 7TH floor of the AIC  Burgundy building. Aside from the head office schedules, the Business Center Offices or the BCO’s nationwide also offer OPP Big events but you have to know their schedules of the OPP. Every team also has their own BIG OPP’s conducted in big venues like McDonald’s and Jollibee or to any place that can handle the expected attendees for the seminar. Your upline will surely tell you about this if the team has BIG OPP’s. If you are aware that the International Offices of AIM Global also has the schedules of OPP and updated in AIM Global Official’s Fan page at least once a week. Make sure to like and visit it regularly for updates.

NDO – New Distributors Orientation 

After you joined AIM Global, make sure to push yourself and attend this training. You will surely understand the business that you ventured very well and I can tell you that you will be more attached to it. You need to understand the path you are going to take to make your success clear and how to get it. Do not attend this training and you are taking your steps toward demotivation, doubt, fear and eventually failing in the business.

ASAP –  (Alliance Success Achievement Program)  1 And 2

This is where you can gain the skills set you needed. Being motivated to do the business may not be enough if you lack the skills needed and this training can feed your mind with lots of information that I am sure can boost your confidence in promoting your AIM Global Business. The trainers of AIM Global gained years of experience in networking so you can count on them when they conduct seminars.

Watch ASAP Training now

How many times should I attend or watch for every training? (OPP, NDO, ASAP)?

Answer: Attend five(5) times each from different speakers. Hard? Yes! But how badly do you wanted to change your life? You choose whether to grow or keep making excuses and at the end of the day, you will blame that AIM Global is not working at all. The problem is not with the opportunity if in case you did not succeed, it is within YOU!!! Don’t let yourself defeat you, Yourself will always have doubt, fear, hate, laziness but you have to push, push, push yourself, and keep moving. Be trained!!!

Some other training are the Intensive product demo, Technical, and special training. Be resourceful because you are the one responsible for your success. We are now in the information age, I guess, you know about google who is very friendly enough to tell you what you need.

Not only attending the free seminars that the company provides, invest in yourself to learn more. You can avail the premium training that the company offers. Good luck !!! Cheers!


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