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Is AIM Global PNG Legit or A Scam? Is AIM Global A Stable Company?

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Is AIM Global PNG Legit or A Scam

This is to answer some of the people who are messaging me and to some people who are not sure, whether AIM Global PNG is a good company to venture with. Actually, this is not an issue anymore as of this stage of the company but for the sake of some who have heard AIM Global first time, I hope this helps. Is AIM Global PNG (Papua New Guinea) a legit company or another scam company? Let’s answer it here.

AIM Global 11th Year Anniversary May 12, 2017

AIM Global 11th Year Anniversary May 12, 2017 @ Philippine Arena

When I joined AIM Global, I also had a doubt if AIM Global is really a good company or if it’s another scam company. I had no background in this kind of business prior to AIM Global so my doubt before was the stability and how long will AIM Global stay in the business. I am so grateful today because I have proven that AIM Global is a very stable and legit company.

Just a short introduction of AIM Global, it’s been 11 years in the industry as of this year (2017). The company is already present in 19 offices in other countries like Hawaii, Dubai, Kuwait, Taiwan, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, PNG, Cameroon, and more. Please watch the short introduction of Doctor Ed Cabantog, the CEO&President of AIM Global (Alliance in Motion Global), recognized as the Top Direct CEO in the world 2016 conducted by the Business For Home website.

AIM Global USD Presentation


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A scam company only last for 2-3 years and AIM Global has exceeded a decade already. It keeps on expanding in many countries too. So, I would ask you know, is AIM Global A legit or a Scam company? I know you can answer that by yourself because it wouldn’t be fair if I would say that AIM Global is legit because I am part of the business. My purpose is to let you understand based on facts about AIM Global.

AIM Global Has A Foundation called ALIVE Foundation

As part of the business, I am proud to say that AIM Global has the heart of giving back to people through this foundation. If AIM Global is a scam, the company will never put up this I guess. The company foundation has been helping the less fortunate people since the company started.

AIM Global Has Its Own Manufacturing Plant

If the vision of the company is for short-term, a manufacturing plant will never be built. AIM Global has its manufacturing plant for its beverage products found in Bulacan Philippines. Please have a look at it in this short video.

I think I just have given you some information for you to decide whether you will take AIM Global. For  more details about the Things, You Need to Know about AIM Global Before Joining follow this link  –

If you are not yet a member of AIM Global PNG and someone has already explained to you about this business, please contact them now.

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