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AIM Global Marketing Plan – 6 Ways to Earn

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To answer the emails and WhatsApp messages to me, here are the ways to earn or the Marketing Plan of AIM Global. For many people who want to join the business, they are curious how the 3,000+ people are able to meet the time and financial freedom in AIM Global.

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If you are already a member, probably you already know about the marketing plan of AIM Global. I am making this post for those who want more information on how to earn in AIM Global. Read the Introduction of AIM Global or Alliance in Motion Global if you want more information about the company. On another post, I wrote about AIM Global Products Updated for 2016.

So let us start to know the Marketing Plan of AIM Global (6 Ways to Earn).

Retailing - AIM Global marketing Plan1.) Retailing – 25% Profit

AIM Global has highly consumable, quality, and unique products so if you are good at selling, it is your advantage. This is not compulsory, no quota and no products sales volume will require to you. It is only your option to sell. Enjoy the 25% discount on all products lifetime upon membership so you can sell products at retail price with 25% profit.

direct referral aim global marketing plan2.) Direct Referral – $11

Earn $11 on every people you will refer to the company and will join. You must be the sponsor of the new member to get the $11 commission. Sponsor or refer more people to join the business and earn more sponsoring bonus of $11 on each of them. This has no limit, refer many people as you can, and get the higher commission.

Matched Sales bonus - aim global marketing plan2.) Match Sales Bonus – $33

This is the binary program of AIM Global that enables you to earn $33 on every matched sale.

Earn up to $528 per day per account.
The company has a safety net and you will be allowed to have only 16 matches per day divided into two cycles.
So when you multiply  16 Matches by $33 each is $528. Earn even more when you have 7 accounts.

Every new recruit person is equivalent to 1,200 points. So, to have a match, there must have 2,400 binary points sum of the points comings from left+points coming from the right group. Products also have binary points so it can accumulate and reach 1,200 points that can match.

Find at least 2 persons that we can teach how to do the same so every time they sponsored people you continue to earn $33 even if you have no effort convincing them to join. Binary points from group reorder of a product can also accumulate so even recruits stops but your group is reordering, you can still earn on matched sales.
What can match are:
a.) Recruit to recruit
b.) Recruit to product points
c.) Product Points to product points

unilevel aim global marketing plan4.) Unilevel Bonus – 5% – 10% 

This is a way of earning through product reorders. Products have corresponding points and for uni-level is called Commission points.  Earn 5% from the first level up to 10th level plus 5% on all of your directs group product reorders.

stair step bonus aim global marketing plan5.) Stair Step Bonus

Your personal and group product reorders also has positional points where you can be promoted reaching certain points.

SE ( Silver Executive ) – When you reach 10 positional points. You will earn additional 10% on all distributors under you. Zero position means distributor.

GE ( Gold Executive ) – Reach 100 positional points. Earn an additional 20% commission to all zero position distributors product reorders and 10 percent to all who became SE.

GA ( Global Ambassador ) –  Reaching 1,000 positional points. Additional 30% commission on all zero position product reorders under you, 20 % on all SE and 10% on all who became GE people under you.


royalty_income6.) Royalty Income – 2% additional

To all who became Global Ambassador under you, you will earn additional 2% of group product sales commission up to 5th level. You must be also a Global Ambassador to qualify for Royalty income.

Aside from these 6 ways to earn, you can also qualify the Travel incentives, Profit sharing and more!!! Make sure you also read about these Things You Need to Know About AIM Global.

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