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AIM Global Africa Online Marketing Success Guide

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AIM Global Africa Online Marketing Success

This post about AIM Global Africa’s online marketing success is to guide many Africans joining AIM Global to get on top of the success. We cannot deny the fact that we joined AIM Global because of its products and unique hybrid compensation plan. But how do we achieve success by joining AIM Global especially if you are from Africa and your upline recruited you online? In this post, I will make a guide that will be very beneficial for you and your team to have a massive growth of your network even if you are a beginner.

AIM Global Business Presentation Video

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#1. Learn the Business As Soon As Possible After Joining

As soon as you joined the business, learn it immediately. Do not rush to recruit your friends or family without learning what the business is about. Most of the rejections that many Network Marketers are experiencing is mostly because of the lack of knowledge about the business. If you are explaining the business to someone and you cannot answer it properly then it can be the reason why your opportunity will be rejected by your prospects. You don’t have to learn everything at the same time. But at least keep on learning to upgrade your knowledge and improve your skills.

In every regional business center or branch of AIM Global, there are free sets of training conducted daily. You just have to push yourself to sit down in the seminar room, listen to the speakers, and absorb the knowledge.  If you live in Nigeria for example, you can attend any of the 6 offices in Nigeria. Just know the location where you are near and the dates of the seminars you want to attend.

For the updates of the daily schedules of the training, find it on the official page of AIM Global. Just follow this link ⇒

Here are the sets of training you must attend whether in the office or watch videos online.

  • OPP – Opportunity Presentation Plan
  • NDO – New Distributors Orientation
  • ASAP – Alliance Success Achievement Program

OPP – This is the presentation of opportunity with AIM Global. You will learn from this presentation about the company products, and the Marketing Plan or how you can earn. Master this training because you cannot explain it if you don’t know much about it. How can you build a huge network if you don’t know your business? I hope that makes sense.

NDO – This is a very important training that you must attend first before sharing the business with your family, friends, or any people you want to share it with. You’ll understand this training the process you may be going through. If you are a soldier going to the battle, you need to have your weapon and if possible be in full battle gear. The same goes for AIM Global. The potential income is up to 640 USD per day! You also have to be prepared to make a massive action and that comes with huge distractions and discouragements too. By the help of NDO, it gives you more strength and more efforts to push through.

ASAP – You need the skill to do the business right? And you can learn more about it in the ASAP training. The more you know, the more you will be confident in your business. ASAP training will equip you of the skills you needed to become successful. I personally love ASAP training from different speakers because I am learning a lot from their experiences and their techniques. Don’t miss this!

How are many sets of training required?

Attend 5 times in each of the training. I don’t mean that you need to attend all in one day. You can do it once in a week or twice a month. That will depend on the time you want to spend on learning the road to your success. If you want a fast take off then you have to do a more aggressive effort. Learning is an effort as well as your key to a  better building of your network.

#2. Start Sponsoring People or Find Business Partners by Applying What You Learned

To have a movement in your business, you have to sponsor people. Find business partners in short. AIM Global is a business of people that are helping people to do the business. It means, just finds a people you will help to grow then your blessings will be automatic.

You can ask for the assistance of your upline especially if you are just new in the business and not yet been trained well. I’m sure your upline has already gained knowledge about how you can sponsor or recruit people whether online or offline. You can take people to the seminar room for them to hear the OPP or the business presentation.

Sponsor at least two people but if you want a faster and bigger income, never stop sharing the business and sponsor as many people as you can.

#3. Teach or Guide The People You Sponsored And Help Them Grow

Finding business partners don’t end up there. Tell your recruits what to do the same thing you did when you were new. Make sure to let them train and learn the business. To make it simple, go back to number 1 of this post and guide your people to it.

#4. Duplicate Yourself if You Are Doing Well in the Business

When you teach your downline and they can already do what you can to build AIM Global business, that’s the time that you get duplicated. AIM Global or Network Marketing industry is one of the best inventions or discoveries in business wherein you don’t have to work for your business for the rest of your life. Once you duplicated yourself, your work gets easier but your income goes higher.  Time can actually come that even you take a vacation for a year, your income never stops. That’s awesome, right? Who doesn’t want to have lots of quality time and spend it on the things you love. Duplicate yourself or leverage your time and effort!

Never depend on your success on someone. You hold the key. You create your future. If you are already a member of AIM Global, never waste it. Keep trying and keep striving until you get there to the spot you deserve. Success never comes easy as it requires hard work, belief, and consistency. 

AIM High! AIM Global!

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