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Adsense Philippines: Can You Still Earn Money Through Adsense

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For those who don’t know what Adsense is, it’s a program run by the very big company which is the Google that allows publishers to display ads on their websites and earn money. Displaying Google Adsense has been existing for many years already. I remember when I first heard that you can make money online was in high school at that time and it’s more than 10 years ago. Google Adsense is a very simple way to make money online through monetizing your website though it is not easy to get approved nowadays there are better ways to do that. I will be happy to make another topic regarding that but please feel free to comment here if you want some tips. The question by many Filipinos who have heard about the Adsense opportunity is, can we still make money online through Adsense from the Philippines?

If you can still see Google Adsense ads on the websites you are visiting owned by Filipinos then the answer is yes you can still make money online through Adsense. I am also putting some Adsense ads on the pages just to maximize the earning generated by this. I am blogging for my main online business (AIM Global) and it just happened that my website also qualifies to Google Adsense and make money from it added on top of my income in AIM Global business.

How much money can you make with Google Adsense from the Philippines?

We really cannot say because there are lots of things to consider to know how much you can earn. It will depend on how much traffic your website is receiving and also the topics that it contains for Google to show targeted ads and show it to your website according to your niche. But for those who don’t know yet how Adsense works, you will be paid per click to the Adsense ads on your website. If the majority of your visitors are coming from the US, Canada, UK, Australia, UAE, and from other top countries, Adsense will pay more to the clicks compared to the clicks from visitors coming from Asian countries like the Philippines. But never encourage someone to click your Adsense ads on your website because that is against Adsense TOS and you will get banned from the program.

My income from Adsense Ads displaying on my website is good but not big as other people are thinking for the reason that the majority of the visitors are from the Philippines and have a lower cost per click on ads. I received my first payout via Western Union last January 21 of 2017. It is for 128 USD and I have another payout on the 21st of March for 109 USD. Not a big money but still that’s more than 5,000 pesos and still money that can pay bills or buy things. I know this will increase as time goes as I update my blog every day. For me, Adsense is just a bonus because my main source of income is online marketing through AIM Global and it’s not bad to earn extra on top of it.

Adsense Philippines Payment proof

Note: It is not allowed to screenshot Adsense Dashboard so I did not show the important details.

Final Word

Adsense is only one of the ways that you can make money from the Philippines online. But if you will decide to use Adsense to make money, the effort you will exert especially at the start is not ordinary. But if you are decided to make money on Adsense you have to love blogging. Money is not in the beginning but the effort. After all, you can gain a reward. Keep learning and don’t be afraid to try.

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