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5 Advantages of Network Marketing Business

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Advantages of Network Marketing Business

Network Marketing is a very promising industry and has so much to offer. If we are going to talk about the Time and Financial freedom, Network Marketing is one on the top of the list you can venture for good. Moreover, this is one of the best business that has ever conceptualized and is considered as  a billion dollar industry. Let us discuss some of the Advantages of Network Marketing business on this post.

5 Advantages of Network Marketing

#1. Freedom

Networking business  industry offers time and financial freedom unlike in other traditional businesses that will consume most of your time managing it. Being a Network Marketer in full-time basis has a lot of time in every single day to spend either to the love ones or business activities. You can decide what you want to do for the day or plan it ahead.  What I love most about it is you have no boss telling you what to do.

What I love most about it is you have no boss telling you what to do.

You can choose business partners to work with, where and when to do the business.

You have total freedom to manage your time.

#2.  Leverage

A person has only 24 hours a day limited to do work, make money, eat, sleep spend with the family and to some task that you are able to do within a day.

When I was still working in a corporate world, I have 8 hours of working schedule in my call center job, 1-hour  of preparation before going to work, 1-hour break, and 1-hour travel back and forth. I totally consume nearly 12 hours for my job and sleep 6 hours a day sometimes 8 hours if lucky. I still have 4-6 hours to consume for the day that most of the time spent in watching tv, eating , shopping online browsing etc. That was my life in 6 years of working. I don’t have regret because I gained a lot of experience. But then I realized that nothing is happening to my life and change is a must. I don’t want to be b0xed. I want time and financial freedom!

Let us talk about the Leverage. It’s the most important technique to wealth where you multiply your time and effort through others. It is the reason why my dreams were never possible while working in my previous company because I sold my time and effort in exchange for a salary for the work exerted.

Network Marketing has the concept of Leverage. It is the reason why you have to recruit or find business partners. By building a group or network, your time and effort are being multiplied through your partners without exerting additional time and work while your income simultaneously grow. Your downlines effort are also your effort. As their number grow, your time also grows as well as the effort.

#3. Low Start-Up Business Capital

You can even start this business with no capital ready. Seriously? Yes, business capital is not a problem because you can join the business with the minimum cost.

Have you heard a success story of a homeless that turned a millionaire? Or rag to riches success stories? I know a lot of them in our company.

You don’t need millions to start this business unlike in the traditional business. But do you know that the potential income is BIGTIME ? Just like you invested million in traditional business? This is why some people believes that the promises of Network Marketing are too good to be true. Well, not! Achieving the success is not as easy as 1,2,3 and not even overnight.Success on Network Marketing business also comes along with the hard work especially when you are still building your group.

#4. Personal Development

You can become a public Speaker, Mentor, Coach, or a Global Leader. It is more than money to become a better person and grow spiritually regardless of the religion. I simply love Network Marketing industry because of this. You can bring inspiration to people and touch lives. Myself had a personal development when I started this business because I am a shy type of person but I gained more confidence to talk to people and add value to myself as I do this business. I love it!

#5. International Business

Before you venture with any Network Marketing Company, make sure to choose a company that has at least 5 years of strong foundation. Most companies didn’t even reach 3 years so don’t get caught by one of them by doing your homework to research and know the company background.

Consider if the company has a global appearance by expanding in other countries.

When I started the online marketing, I targeted the international prospects by just the using my Facebook. With the use of the internet, I created a group even not visiting the country personally.

Imagine if it’s not an international business, the market is limited.

I hope you’ve learned from this post. Feel free to share!

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