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3,999 PMP Package (AIM Global Promo Millenial Pack)

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AIM Global Millenial PMP Pack 2019

AIM Global 2019 Good News!

Another surprise from AIM Global when launching the PMP or the Promo Millenial Pack lowered price that’s only 3,999 in pesos. This is a great chance for Millenials to start AIM Global while still schooling or newly graduated.  The most reason for some people who want to join but the start-up capital for them is high than what they earn and save. But now, even you someone has no job or a student can now afford the new package. If still, the reason why you can’t join is the start-up capital then you forget about your dreams because to become successful is even harder multiple times than to find the 3,999 pesos.

PMP or the Promo Millenial Pack 3999 pesos only!

When you buy the package, you can choose what products you want to include in the package as long as it will not exceed the package worth of 4,300. This is the best ever package because you can choose what product you like to get.

pmp 3999 millenial package

What are the advantages of PMP or the Promo Millenial Pack 3999 package?

  1. The first benefit of the package is that it becomes much more affordable to many. Surely that even the average and minimum wage earner can easily register by purchasing the package.
  2. Choose the product you want.
  3. Your member can grow rapidly as more people can join easily
  4. Locally, you can build more easily
  5. More can avail multiple accounts

What are the disadvantages of PMP or the Promo Millenial Pack 3999 package?

  1. Lesser income to those starts up members compared to the 6980 packages. But again it will depend on how you perform the team.
  2. Not good to offer to the international pay-ins
  3. Need to upgrade to have higher potential income

Overall, there are more advantages than disadvantage so as a member, you should know what to offer to your market.

Do you want to join AIM Global? You may use this contact details below.

Whatsapp/Wechat/Viber/Call or Text » +639991789842
Email »
FB – Robinson Ortega

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