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How to Join AIM World Australia

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AIM World is the online division of AIM Global so please don’t be confused about that. As we know that AIM World is open in 200 countries, I will explain on this post on how someone from Australia can join AIM World. I hope you already understand what this opportunity has to offer, but if not  I have some links below that can help you better understand the business.

AIM Global Presentation Video In USD Currency

Contact Person

Whatsapp/Viber/Wechat » +639991789842
Email »
FB – Robinson Ortega

Do you want to know more about AIM Global? Feel free to read Alliance in Motion Global (AIM Global) introduction.

These are the few easy steps on How to Join AIM World Australia:

Step 1

Buy your AIM World package. Please select these three packages available.

SAPPHIRE PACKAGE – 268 USD ⇒ $528 per day potential income

EMERALD PACKAGE – 804 USD ⇒ $1,584 per day potential income

DIAMOND PACKAGE – 1340 USD ⇒  Upto $3,696 per day potential income

aimworld-sapphire-package australia


AIM World Diamond Package



After your payment has been verified, AIMWorld Shop will email you with the registration code.

It’s very important that you send to us the registration code with your details for you to have your AIMWorld Log in. Please follow the format below.

First name:______




Address: ________

Registration code:___________

Send it to :
Whatsapp: +639991789842

Step 3

After you sent the details, wait 24 hours and you’ll receive your AIMWorld Log in. Make sure you didn’t miss to know that the potential income here is $528 per day  and even more depending on your package.

Now, how is the 528 USD per day income with AIM World Australia possible? 

UPDATE: For the Upgraded Marketing Plan of AIM World or the Ways to Earn, please go here ⇒

aim world australia

Direct Sponsoring  – Earn $25

Match Sales Bonus – Earn $33

After you Buy you AIMWorld Package, you will have access to your AIM World Webpage where you can monitor the business 24/7.

But how is the $528 per day possible?

It is through the Matched Sales Bonus where you will get paid $33 for every match left and right of your group.

A distributor is allowed to have up to 16 matches per day in the binary program making the potential income of $528.

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