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FILIPINO OFWS: How Can Go Home For Good

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Are you an OFW ( Overseas Filipino Worker ) that is a foreigner in another country where you are working right now? Have you already think about going home for good? Maybe yes or you have not to think about it yet for any reason.

Let us first learn about the facts. According to the data, I found on website, the average OFWs leaving the country in 2009 was 2,500 daily and was increasing every year. In 2015, it increased to 6,092 daily (per Department of Labor and Employment data). You can refer to the data below I took from migrante website.

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Whether we accept the reality or not, the chronic jobless and low wages among Filipinos have the biggest contribution to why Filipinos go abroad. This huge number of Filipinos leaving the country also shows the number of people leaving their families to find a better opportunity abroad. We cannot deny the fact that there are also sacrifices that our OFW Heroes will take once they leave their homeland such as homesickness, taking risks of working overseas, adapting to different cultures and most of all is taking care of themselves at times they need someone to hold on. I know that there are more sacrifices that our OFWs are actually experiencing aside from what I have mentioned above. With their sacrifices and struggle, every family of OFWs in the Philippines must learn to value every single peso they receive from their OFW family member.

Before a Filipino OFW Go Home for Good, there are many things to consider.

If you are the only breadwinner in the family, going back home for good could be hard if you know nothing of another opportunity in the Philippines that can give a stable source of income. If you are sending someone to college, you need a substantial income, and will be harder if you go home without any alternative source. Also, most of the reasons why OFWs stay abroad is when they are still paying for their house or still paying for properties. Paying debt is the most reason why OFWs are still afraid to go home especially during their first year.

OFW For Good Business

Let’s get straight, How An OFW can go home for Good?

I am not an expert to tell you what to do, I’m not your boss and I don’t employ people as well so what you can read here are basically suggestions. Information that can possibly open up someone’s mind that working abroad shall not be your final destination because you have your family waiting for you in the Philippines. They need a good future but your personal touch and care will matter the most.

OFW Go Home For Good Business

I mean for a part-time business. Yes, you can start a part-time business while abroad online.  I am on this program with my team and our OFWs partners for a while and what we do is help OFWS start their business that can be done on Facebook through Alliance in Motion Global Opportunity or AIM Global.  Let’s get to the point, You might be thinking that I am one-sided making this post just to offer AIM Global.  Yes, I am a member of AIM, and this is the very first opportunity that I know can help OFWs Go Home For Good that they can start as soon as now and then grow their income up to the time that it can already sustain their family expenses and needs enough to go back with their family. If you know another opportunity then go with it, at least after you read this, I helped you make plans for the future and realize something.’

OFW Go Home For Good

I will say that this opportunity is not for everyone and I understand if at this point you are skeptical. I’ve been to that. I thought I know everything.  Until one time I tried opening my eyes to the possibility that can bring me to change. It was the start of great things that happened in my life.

If you are still not convinced, maybe you already have better plans for the future. Maybe you can ask yourself how long you will work abroad and what will you do by the time you don’t have much power to work.

What if?

  • Accident catch you while working abroad?
  • Your employer sent you home early.
  • There is war in the country where you are working now etc.

Do you have a 2nd plan as a source of income if an unexpected happens?

This video will tell you how you will benefit.

Video by Top 1 Joseph Lim ( 13 Minute long )


If you are an OFW in different countries, here are the contact numbers you can text or call on how to join AIM Global Project Go Home For Good by our team.