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AIM Global Naturacentials Skin Care Collection

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Natural is Best! Natural is Beautiful! NaturaCentials is here MEN and WOMEN! The newest product of AIM Global!

The long wait for beauty and skin care product was over when the CEO of the AIM Global Doc Eduardo Cabantog announced the official launched of its beauty and skincare products during the SE and GE awards night at Cuneta Astrodome! The products are Japan formulated and Japan tested which is also clinically tested.
Let us start knowing each product and what it can do.

Natural Coffee Scrub + Mask – This product is natural body contouring. This helps improves blood circulation leaving skin smooth and ready to absorb nutrients. It exfoliates, detoxifies, and contour the body beautifully.

 coffee scrub mask AIM Global Skin Care Product

Natural Strawberry Scrub Face and Body  –  The product helps refine, clarify, and whiten the Skin and Body. The strawberry scrub beads work wonders acting as exfoliates leaving skin smooth, Glowing, and eliminating dark spots.

Natural Strawberry Scrub Face and Body

Natural Instant White Lotion Face+Body – This has UVA/UVB Blockers that Skin needs for protection against the harmful effect of the sun. Also, this helps instantly whitens, moisturize, and protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays. It contains tomato fruit extract that shields the skin from photo-oxidation and sunburn.

Natural Instant White Lotion Face+Body aim global product

Natural AntiOxidant Facial Toner – Hydrate, purify, and whiten skin. It has lemongrass to control the production of sebum that triggers skin.


Natural Oxygen Bar – With the revolutionary anti-aging, smoothening, and whitening action. It contains liquid oxygen to promote gentle healing and effective cell rejuvenation. Also, prevents virus and bacterial growth which can cause skin imperfections.



With these new products of AIM Global, the company has proven that innovation is always the priority for the benefit of the distributors worldwide.

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